Tram solutions

(This started out as a comment to the latest blog entry of the esteemed Ms. Ordinal Malaprop, but, upon further reflection, should really expend my bandwidth rather than hers. Of course, I’m trying to write my response in Caledon style…it’s only the proper thing to do here.)

Madam, in terms of a description of the problem facing your fine automated tram, it would appear that nothing germane remains outside the nutshell. The question remains: what might one do about the situation?

One might reroute the tram to avoid such Parcels as are known to be problematic. This, however, would be tricky, mayhap even impossible or impractical, and in any event would only postpone the problem, as the Parcels along the new route might eventually approach their primitive-limits as well.

One might seek to negotiate with the Parcel-Owners along the route to limit their use of primitives so as to create an “easement” for the tram. While I’ve no doubt many would do so if properly persuaded, even one holdout would cause the solution to be imperfect at best.

One might accelerate the tram when passing through known-problematic Parcels so that it never remains on one of them long enough to be returned. The drawback here is that a tram that suddenly accelerates to unheard-of speeds seemingly at random, from an observer’s viewpoint, is not very realistic.

One might increase the frequency with which the tram pings the re-rezzer, allowing new trams to be generated more quickly when the problem occurs. However, multiple problems present themselves here: Aethernet communications of that frequency may not be possible, the vagarities of such might cause duplicate trams to be rezzed unnecessarily (Mr. Disney’s “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” animated cartoon comes to mind), and in any event, this could be considered no more than an attempt to paper over the problem.

One might employ an avatar to sit on the tram at all times, thereby ensuring that it will never be returned. While you alluded to something of this sort in one of your previous journal entries, I doubt it’s a very practical solution. Placing a Camping-Chair on the tram would be monstrously bad form, after all.

Or one might simply scream imprecations against the world-builders and their arbitrary rule changes to the heavens. There does seem to have been an awfully large amount of this going on as of late. Doubtless, you are engaged in this practice even as I pen these words….


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