Show Your Steel

The Cutlass Club project started with Valorna Edgeworth–Val, to most. She’d been one of my friends and regular dance partners at The Shelter for some time before she decided to go premium and buy First Land in Seopophang. Then she came to me, with a vision of a new club. It took me but a few minutes to upgrade my own account and buy in next to her.

From Travis Lambert, I learned about the concept of “group land,” and so, Spira Enterprises was born. (Val suggested the name. Apparently, it’s something out of Final Fantasy. Whatever; it sounded good enough to me.)

Presently we acquired a third partner…my other favorite dance partner, Keeva Hayek. With 1536 square meters to play with, I set about building our initial structure. At first, it sucked, but it got better as I got more practice building–and looked better as I sought out textures via Google Image Search, GIMPed them around a bit, and uploaded them into SL.

Val’s original name suggestion was “The Black Pearl,” obviously derived from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie; she liked the pirate theme from the get-go. Sadly, there was already a club in SL by that name. I brainstormed a bit, and came up with the name “The Cutlass Club,” from the pirate’s traditional blade weapon, and by analogy with The Cactus Club (a real-life nightclub in San Jose). She squealed with delight, and so it became. (The flag the club flies, with a skull and crossed cutlasses, is the historical flag of pirate “Calico Jack” Rackam…who was the real-life inspiration for the character of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.)

Over the ensuing weeks, I perfected the structure, and Val and I made plans to start buying fixtures with a large amount of cash she would supply at the beginning of July. Then…she dropped offline and stayed off for many days. Word came to me that she was in the hospital. The project stayed on hold for awhile.

When Danielle came into my life, she looked at the project, saw its potential, and bought in herself, swapping her own First Land parcel for a nearby one that was up for sale, which became The Highwayman. She also persuaded Quantus Rust to do the same, and thus we acquired Trancing The Clouds’ space. Under her guidance, we committed to an opening date of July 20, and furnished the clubs with equipment.

Thankfully, when Val returned, she and Danielle got along swimmingly. We opened on schedule, and seem to be drawing a good crowd thusfar.


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