Somewhere Deep Within

Last night’s marathon session included an interview of a new DJ (someone who’s been an RL DJ and who wants to do some spinning in SL), and then a high-level meeting designed to properly balance the workload for the organization among the three managing partners, to keep us all involved without overwhelming us. And, in the scant minutes between when I finally logged from SL and when I more or less fell into bed, an insight hit me, based on my experiences, about part of what Second Life is all about.

Throughout my time as a Resident, I’ve been discovering hidden talents. One of the first was as a ladies’ man, as I charmed one dance partner after another. Then, as the Cutlass Club project got underway, I found out I could build, too. And not only that, but I pulled stunts with GIMP to create textures that I never even knew I could do. (I started scripting in there as well…while my successes there were less surprising due to my programming background, they were still somewhat surprising.) Then Danielle showed me how well I could manage a proper courtship…something I didn’t really have to do in RL, as my wife did most of the pursuing of me. And recently, I discovered that I made a darned good club DJ for my first time out. Now here I am, being an entrepreneur and manager, the “boss” in fact. As I said to Pamela afterward, “Now I know something of what Andre goes through.”

So my point is? Perhaps, one of the big things Second Life is about–besides fantasy fulfillment, virtual community, building the Metaverse, and all that–is helping us find the hidden talents we have within ourselves.



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2 responses to “Somewhere Deep Within

  1. Erbo,
    7 simple words,
    “What have I been saying all along?”
    I have always known you can you do it and now you know you can do it. My work here is done. LOL 🙂

  2. You’re not leaving me, are you? (sniff)

    The actual point of this post, though, was that the talents I discovered within myself in SL are ones I would probably have never discovered in RL. Attempting to be an entrepreneur, for instance, would be too great a risk to my and Pamela’s well-being. I guess part of the reason why it works in SL is that the “risk threshold” is lower.

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