Beyond the Dreams of Avarice

My nascent career as a club DJ (DJ Dr. Feelgood, thank you very much) is off and running. At first, my ability to play stuff was hampered by the fact that I don’t have a lot of “modern” music (my collection has primarily been composed of a lot of 80’s and earlier music, and progressive rock, and other stuff), but friends have chipped in to help. Danielle has sent me some tracks, as have two of our club employees, Zues Burali and ZoeyStar Rankin. My coworker Ed, in RL, has given me 2 DVDs (!) full of dance tracks, with the promise of more once we can figure out the partitioning on an external hard drive he has. I’ve found a few CDs of more modern music, for not too much money (thank you, Costco and Second Spin) that I’ve ripped for additional value. And even Pamela has chipped in with some tracks she’s gotten from her Finnish friends, of a Finnish pop band that sounds pretty good. So now I am incredibly rich in MP3 music.

How in the hell am I going to keep track of all this? I’ve downloaded an MP3 management application that looks pretty good thusfar, but running it alongside SL and the Live365 Broadcaster might be a bit of strain on the ol’ mojo…and I’d have to, so I can fill requests in mid-broadcast. We shall see. I’m going to have to build another set for tonight; even though Val (DJ ValleyGurl) is spinning tonight, I have to be ready to step in if she crashes out. Before I do, though, I’m going to have to dig out a couple of our CDs that I haven’t ripped yet and run ’em through the ripper. Busy busy busy…



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2 responses to “Beyond the Dreams of Avarice

  1. See you do all that and I have Bearshare. 🙂 Work smarter, not harder. LOL

  2. See, I won’t use P2P downloading systems. ISPs kill your account for doing things like that…and if that happened, Pamela would strangle me. Our Internet connection is a lifeline, and I’m not about to put it at risk for a handful of MP3s.

    (Transferring MP3s via IM, or in person via physical media, is a little more defensible…I view it as the equivalent of exchanging mix tapes with a friend. Of course, the RIAA would probably still be unhappy with me.)

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