Default Erbo

Have you any idea how hard it is to find decent menswear in Second Life? Or, at the very least, decent casual menswear?

Seems like, when you look at the various clothing stores in SL, 90% of the available goods are for women…and 90% of what there is for men, RL me wouldn’t be caught dead in. (SL Erbo has a bit wider taste now, thanks to the influence of people like Val and Danielle…but I digress.)

One of the first good outfits I ever created was the outfit I now think of as “Default Erbo.” It closely resembles me as I look when I go to work each day, which is at a company where casual dress is pretty much the norm, and, even then, I’m about the best-dressed person there. It’s been augmented a little bit here and there, and now looks more like “me” than ever before. Here’s how I wound up doing it:

The shirt and pants are from Swell Second Life. I found the Khaki Belted Pants there, and was delighted to see that they had a decent polo shirt as well, the Original Hippo Polo in Charcoal Gray. (Yes, I’m aware of the semisacred status of hippos in SL…)

The shoes are Brown Nubuck Leather Shoes from D2TK. They closely resemble my RL shoes (which are Timberlands) and come with built-in animation overrides for walking, which isn’t all that big a deal to me, but is a nice touch.

My hair is Metro Brown from Pazazz, one of the few decent sources for men’s hair. That style rather resembles the way I like to have my hair cut, and the brown tone is close enough to my natural hair color.

I’ve taken to wearing a Natural Skin, in a rather pale color and without facial hair. This was mainly Danielle’s influence, but I found it made me look more like “me,” so I was delighted.

The eyes are a relatively new addition, from Deadly Nightshade Design Studios. They’re contacts in Seamist, which, again, is close to my natural eye color.

And there are three attachments I usually go around with; one of Timeless Prototype’s incomparable Multi Gadgets, a Deluxe Hug & Kiss Attachment from Maura & Phil’s Animations (7th floor…but check out the rest while you’re there, they do good work), and, of course, my wedding band, which is part of the Diamond Platinum Wedding Set from RICX’s Fine Jewelry.

The one grace note of my outfit that is uniquely my own is the pendant I wear…it’s the Bent of Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honor Society, which I am totally entitled to wear in RL (but the one I have is quite a bit smaller in proportion to the rest of me). I created it in SL as a reflection of my desire to master the engineering principles of the SL world. I used a gold texture I created in The GIMP; I also have silver variants (OK, white gold, really) that I use with other outfits. If you click it, it actually displays object text reading “Erbo Evans – Tau Beta Pi – California Sigma ’90.” (This is my actual chapter and graduation year.)

Note: This post would not have been possible without the use of the SLurlchatter 0.12.1, from Ordinal Malaprop. Get one from her freebie bin at Ordinal Enterprises at The Lighthouse, Caledon.


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