In memoriam

It saddens me to report the loss of Chris Ellsworth, who died of a massive heart attack this morning, July 30, 2006. He was our friend, vendor of an exclusive line of T-shirts at The Cutlass Club, and soon to be “DJ Cabana Boy” on our staff. He leaves behind, in Second Life, his big sisters Danielle and Val, me as his brother-in-law, and his girlfriend Skye Galileo. He will be sadly missed by the entire Spira Enterprises family and all who knew him.

Requiem aeternam donum eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis.

Fare thee well, Chris.



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2 responses to “In memoriam

  1. My condolences in this difficult time. Loss of someone you care about is never easy. May memories of fond times spent together bring you strength to carry on.

  2. Thank you, Torley. It’s been a difficult time for all of us…and part of the uncertainty is wondering just when Chris’ RL girlfriend is going to come in-world again (on Chris’ account) to settle things up with Skye and others.

    As Danielle points out in this post, a memorial service will be held for Chris on Saturday at 2 PM SLT, at Darkwood Cathedral. All are welcome who wish to remember him.

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