Too Friggin’ Cute

Having established the “road” theme with the title of this blog and the freeway sign images, I decided that it was time to bring the rest of it into line. So some of the sidebar headings are now a little “cutesy.” Sue me.

But how often are you going to see a blog tagline that combines a Volkswagen ad and a lyric from the B-52s? 🙂

Incidentally, I’m starting to make it onto people’s blogrolls now. Danielle, of course, added me. Mera, who had previously blogrolled my Electric Minds topic on SL, has changed her link for me to point here. (Smart move, Mera, since EMinds is presently down while the server is on the move.)

My own blogroll of SL residents, incidentally, is mainly composed of people I’ve actually met or encountered in-world. Many I see every day, like Danielle and Quantus, for instance. Some of them, like Tateru, probably couldn’t pick me out of a lineup, but they and I were in the same place at the same time. That’s even true of Ordinal, whom I once glimpsed at a distance while she was working and exchanging pleasantries with another Caledonian. (I felt it wise not to disturb her at her labors.) SL Insider is on there because I know Akela, one of its authors. Moral of the story: Easiest way to get on my blogroll is to have actually met me in-world…try coming down to the Cutlass Club sometime, especially after 6:00 PM.


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