Breaking News: More Cowbell!

Just got the message in my mailbox…Feature Proposal #1450 (Allow emotes within instant messages) has been “acknowledged” by Linden Labs! The Linden who acknowledged it says, “This does make sense, I’ve passed it along to the UI team.” (Sounds a little like Torley, who has had something to say about IMs recently.) I interpret that as meaning we might actually see it happening sometime soon!

Big hand to my buddy Vertex Zenith, originator of this proposal. Congrats, Vert! Cowbells all around!



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4 responses to “Breaking News: More Cowbell!

  1. Well it’s about freaking time!

  2. Hi Erbo, just wanted to let you know that I’ll be updating my blogroll today, and yours will be up high on the list!

    Also, I was made to giggle aloud when i read your parentheticals for each resident’s name, especially “Come back Allie!” and “Come back Allie’s sister!” It’s always great to find a fellow Homestar Runner fan!

    “I’m a song from the 60’s!”

  3. Wooooooooo! Great news for all, especially V! Now we’ll never again see that floating text script above his head pushing for votes! Not that’s he had it up much recently, but still. Ooh, and I’ll have votes freed now, always a good thing.

  4. Well, Akela, if you show up during one of my DJ sets at The Cutlass Club (such as tonight!), you might find I play a track or two from the Strong Bad Sings And Other Type Hits album, such as Limozeen’s “Because It’s Midnite” and Taranchula’s “Moving Very Slowly”…

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