Come In, She Said, I’ll Give You Shelter From The Storm

I think it’s safe to say that my Second Life would be nowhere near as rich and fulfilling as it is today if it weren’t for The Shelter. I bless the day I screwed up my courage and clicked the street-level teleporter that took me straight in…which was probably the second or third day of my Second Life.

It’s not just for all the freebies, which they have in plenty. It’s not just for the events, which are always daily and always fun. It’s for the people that the place attracts. Travis Lambert and Lars Bismark have built a place that is warm and friendly; people like Sumar Morgan and onionpencil Musashi (among others, including, I’m happy to say, Yours Truly, whenever I can) keep an eye on it to make sure it stays that way. But literally all of the regulars combine to make it a good place to be.

How many great people have I met there? Well, there’s everyone I named in the last paragraph, for instance. Dolmere Talamasca, the wisecracking skeleton. Mera Pixel (note: not a celebrity!), first SL Resident to cross over and become an EMinder. Akela Talamasca, of course, the wolf with a heart of gold. Keeva Hayek, first of my lovely dance partners and a lovely lady in RL to boot. Val, without whom The Cutlass Club would never have come to be. Vertex Zenith, my flying buddy, who always needs More Cowbell. The Stovall sisters, AllieKat and Shaunny. Gwynnie Boffin, my sometime-tormentor (but it’s all in good fun, of course). Salvador Dalgleish, the magical mystical elephant with real-time setcolor. Peter “99” Gretzky, Reina Quine, Rain Gide, Tasman Perth, Jensel Karlfeldt, Renee Roundfield, Hungy Zeno, Jacek Antonelli, Benwin Martin, matt27 Churchill, Eugena Elvehjem…oh, the list goes on beyond my power to remember (and I apologize if I forgot you somewhere). And, always, always, Blessed Danielle (seen above dancing with me at one of The Shelter’s Sunday formal balls), without whom Second Life itself would have far less meaning.

Anyone joining Second Life that has the good sense to read my blog before doing so: Once you reach the Mainland, hie thee hence at once to The Shelter. You’ll thank me later. Tell ’em Erbo sent you. 🙂


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