Real Life Is Meeting

I was at the office late last night, since I was doing some maintenance work on the EMinds server in preparation for shipping it to its new colocation facility in Winnipeg, so Danielle and Val had to run the show at the Cutlass Club. Checking my GMail, I saw some panicky IMs reflected from in-world…and then my cellphone rang. It was Danielle, or “the real-life person behind Danielle,” I should say. Val was getting no sound into the club from her broadcast rig. I did what I could to help, apparently successfully. Then, as Danielle recounts, she took off and went shopping for new club fixtures, and I stayed on the line with her as we continued chattering about in-world matters. (Example: “Val found this replacement dance floor for the club.” “How much?” “L$5000.” “WHAT?!?” “But she says she’ll pay for it.” “Will it fit?” “It’s 136 prims.” “WHAT?!? No friggin’ way! That thing must be for clubs a full quarter-sim in size or so.” “Yeah.” “I mean, Bad Girls probably has one of those dance floors, but they’ve got a whole friggin’ island to play with! We don’t!” And so forth.)

Eventually, I had to go out to my car and get my headset, because I needed both hands free to disconnect the server and box it up. The conversation continued all the way until I had packed my gear up, left the office (setting the alarm, because I was last one out by then), gotten into my car, and driven part of the way home. We hung up as I was on I-70, in fact.

I don’t know how often these kind of RL-based connections happen between Resis. Val and Danielle talk this way all the time these days, and Danielle has also had Skype conversations with Zues, one of our dancers. Does it break the metaphor too much? For some it might, but the three of us (four, counting Zues) all portray our true gender in SL, so it’s not huge in our case. Of course, the people going to the convention this month are taking it a step beyond that

But overall, I appreciated the contact; it helped give me more of the feeling of being in-world without actually being there (which I don’t think I could from the office anyway; very few computers in here are powerful enough to run SL).

Of course, tonight I’m actually DJing…and, since it’s “Upgrade Wednesday,” that means I also have to download and install a new client before I can get in-world. Something as simple as a massive traffic jam on the way home could be deadly here. Guess I’ll just be busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest this evening…



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3 responses to “Real Life Is Meeting

  1. Well I had a blast chatting with you too!!!!
    So far the only bug I have discovered on update Wednesday is that my friends’ list no longer works.

  2. That was happening to a lot of people… poor Sumar at the Shelter kept saying “Have all my friends left me?”

  3. The Friends List thing is a major pain in the ass, especially since it also seems to affect IM delivery and mapping. Not to mention the fact that it’s disconcerting and metaphor-breaking to see two friends marked as “Offline” even though they’re standing less than 5 meters from you…

    Here’s hoping LL gets off their duffs and fixes this one, double-pronto.

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