Metablogging: The Tagging of Names

Akela seems to like the little “tags” I’ve put by people’s names in the blogroll, as evidenced by a comment to this post. Since I’ve just tweaked the tags a bit, I thought I’d offer an explanation for the various tags:

  • “Empress Caesarus” is the title of Danielle’s blog, and was a group tag of hers for awhile. Now, though, she uses the group tag “Spoiled Trophy Wife.” (My corresponding group tag is “Rich Hubby.” Go figure.)
  • The latter half of the tag for Six Kennedy is very true; Danielle spends a lot of money at Gurl 6. (And yes, we did meet her in-world, as she was checking some signs in her main store. Danielle, of course, gushed; Six was very gracious.)
  • What is the first thing you think of when you think of Torley? If it ain’t “watermelons,” I don’t know where you’ve been, but it sure ain’t SL!
  • “Queen of Engines” was an appelation applied to Lady Ada Byron in William Gibson’s and Bruce Sterling’s seminal steampunk work, The Difference Engine. It fits Ordinal as well, I think.
  • I was impressed by Lethe‘s work on the Third Anniversary build, and, well, I had this “Queens” theme going, so she gets to be Queen of Builders.
  • Coal and “cranial orbiters” go together like Torley and watermelons. ‘Nuff said.
  • I definitely do not mean “Queen of Hearts” in the Alice in Wonderland sense, Tateru! 🙂 It was more inspired by the article in New World Notes on her, and also by her cult symbol, La coeur-et-fleur de Tat.
  • Watch Mera sometime when she’s typing…her custom animation has her writing on her sketchpad. And what is she writing? “SL + Purple = Mera”! How can she not be the Queen of Purple? (“Princess of Purple,” from Akela’s blog, is also good. “High Priestess of Purple” would also be apropos, but again, I had a “Queens” theme going.)
  • Danielle calls Quantus “Q-Ball” all the time. I usually just call him “Q.”
  • People are already finding SL Insider to be a very useful resource. I’d pick it over even the Forums for dissemination of important information, in most cases.
  • Akela called it: How could any fan of Homestar Runner, seeing two sisters, one of whom is named Allie, not think of Strong Bad’s E-mail “sisters“? I just hope I don’t wind up “DELETED!” 🙂
  • Akela himself is, of course, always the Great White Wolf. I don’t care if he thinks of himself as a “furry” or not; he is what he is, just as I am. (His tag for me is “Electrically Minded,” referring, of course, to EMinds. It’ll be back up soon, Akela, promise!)
  • I originally put “The Skeleton King” for Dolmere, but I liked Akela’s version better, so I pinched it. It fits Dol’s personality better, too.

How’s that for some information that is of pretty much no use to anyone whatsoever? 🙂

UPDATE: It appears that Danielle has now decided that her blog will henceforth be known as “Spoiled Trophy Wife formerly known as Empress Caesarus.” And she herself has added parenthetical tags to her blogroll entries. Not to be missed.



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3 responses to “Metablogging: The Tagging of Names

  1. I did not gush, I simply complimented her on her work. And she doesn’t get that much of my money, I don’t think (the fact that I own about 80% of her flexi designs does not count).
    I will, however, admit that I am spoiled and I like it. So there! 🙂

  2. You’re a gusher, don’t deny it! It’s one of your most endearing traits!

    Erb, I have to wonder: Is it ‘Great White Wolf’ as in ‘Great White Hope’, or ‘Great White Shark’? And it was great to see you yesterday; it’s been too long! Wish I could be at your wedding, but I won’t even be in the city that week! Oh man… a week without SL! I may not survive.

  3. You will be missed, Akela. Danielle wanted you to give her away, in fact…

    Take your pick on the “Great White” reference. I suppose it could also be as in “Great White Way” (a term sometimes applied to Broadway in New York City), or just as in the band “Great White.” But you’re great, and you’re a white wolf (in your most-recognizable avatar)…what else was I going to pick? 🙂

    My sympathies on your week without SL…I’m wondering how I’m going to survive 4 days without it (in Durango at the start of September) myself…

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