Metablogging: It Helps When You Have Good Tools!

Via the present aspect of Torley, I learned about a useful addon for the Firefox browser: the Sage RSS feed reader. Since it’s a Firefox add-on, it works just as well in Linux as it does in Windows or MacOS, and it’s very useful. Previously, I’d tried standalone RSS readers like Straw and AmphetaDesk, but they didn’t thrill me that much. RSS reading really belongs in the browser, and Sage fills the bill nicely.

(Background information for you non-techie types: Most blogs, including this one, offer you a way to read their contents without actually visiting the site in your browser. This is done using a format of data known as Really Simple Syndication, or RSS. RSS “reader” applications let you collect together all your favorite blogs’ RSS data into one location, where it’s easy to see which of them have new postings and what they are, so, if a site has no new posts, you don’t have to waste time going there to find out.)

I follow a lot of blogs, both SL-related and not, so this will be a big help, I imagine. Adding a blog to Sage is simplicity itself: load up the blog’s home page, press Sage’s “discover” button (on its sidebar), and pick the right feed off the list you get back. You can arrange the feed links as you like (they’re specialized bookmarks) and search through current posts for specific keywords. My “Sage Feeds” folder now has several dozen entries in it, and scanning them all for new posts just takes a minute.

If you use Firefox–and you really should–and you read a lot of blogs, this is worth checking out.

Incidentally: Don’t miss Torley’s video on using the new Grand Unified Linden Blog (I call it that because it sounds cooler with the physics reference), which is self-narrated. Yes, RL-Torley is a “he,” not a “she” as the present SL aspect of Torley is, but the voice still very much fits; it’s soothing and sweet while still being “bubbly.” (Sort of like the audio equivalent of Asti Spumante?) Torley’s enthusiasm just grabs you; the video is full of that eternal Torley-spirit we all know and love. Don’t miss it. (QuickTime required, though.)



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4 responses to “Metablogging: It Helps When You Have Good Tools!

  1. hehe…. RSS feeder plugins….

    You gotte come surf the friendly web. Opera’s had native RSS and atom feeds for over a year. version nine’s out now with integrated torrent support!

  2. I have Opera as well as Firefox and IE7. What’s next Red Hat and Linux? My ‘puter is so confused. 🙂

  3. Well, in terms of Linux, at home, I’m a Debian man…but I do use Red Hat and Fedora at work. Just to further muddy the waters. 🙂

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