Communications Channels

So it appears Lethe Naumova is getting her wish…the SL Forums as we know them are going away.

Robin’s right, though; forums do take a lot of time and energy to keep running. I oughta know, and I don’t even have as big a problem as she does. And the Forums as they are today are full of a lot of drama and outright BS; at least this way, it won’t be LL’s problem to deal with anymore. Sites such as the Grand Unified Linden Blog and Second Life Insider should be capable of disseminating important news and information formerly handled by the Forums, and other Resident-run blogs and Web sites will take care of a large portion of the rest of it. (Which makes me proud to be on the forefront of the revolution in SL communications. I have devoted a lot of space here to writing about SL-related topics, and I will continue to do so.)

By making this transition, LL seems to be encouraging Residents to self-organize and establish their own communications channels. This is completely in line with chaordic theory, and LL’s best role in this will be as a facilitator, to not only encourage this, but to maintain a master directory of known sites, allowing people unfamiliar with SL to jump in and find what they’re looking for.

In the meantime…for all you Resis who will miss the “Sandbox” forum in particular, feel free to come to Electric Minds (once we’re back up, which should be sometime next week) and check out, in particular, the “Speaker’s Corner” conference, devoted to politics and current events. We’ve got some lively posters there, and additional viewpoints are always appreciated. (Does this mean that I haven’t actually given up hope after all? Well, yes and no…I’m not talking about trying to change EMinds or anything and never really have been, just looking for more EMinders…and if they happen to be Resis, so much the better…)


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