Quickie Note

Due to the events of the day, as detailed previously, we’re in Short Shrift mode here. But I did want to comment briefly on one comment made by Shockwave Plasma to said previous post:

I thought the wedding invite was beautiful, I put it in one corner to admire, when I accidently pushed it though the wall 😦

Luckily the persons who roof it fell on thought it was very nice as well.

Heh. Only in Second Life…

Incidentally, a coworker of mine has taken the plunge and joined us in-world. If you see Edward Tal walking around in a bit of a daze, be sure and give him a nice welcome to SL.


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One response to “Quickie Note

  1. Yep Only in SL can you drop an invite on someone’s roof or forget that *you* need to decorate the chapel for your wedding!! This realization is followed by a stream of curses I shall not repeat. 🙂

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