Welcome To The Blogroll, Padre

Danielle discovered that Triste Bertrand has a blog as well…in fact, he has two blogs, one for his Second Life and another for his First Life. Both have been added to the Evans Avenue Exit blogroll.

Triste is a very nice guy, and is a minister in RL. I would have liked it if he’d been able to step in and do our wedding when our first minister flaked on us, except he’s never done any weddings and didn’t study how to do that part. (Instead, Eye Dangle, one of the owners of Soulmates, did the honors…he’s also a minister in RL, and has performed any number of SL weddings.) He also had some good things to say at Chris Ellsworth’s memorial service, which is where I snapped this picture of him. That’s why he’s listed as “The Shelter’s Own Father Mulcahy,” because, in his personality and spirituality, he closely resembles the chaplain of the 4077th in the TV series M*A*S*H. (Incidentally, I have met William Christopher in RL…and his personality is almost exactly like that of Father Mulcahy. So, Triste, I’m paying you a compliment.)



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2 responses to “Welcome To The Blogroll, Padre

  1. One correction: the first-life blog is at http://www.stevenwbuehler.us (click on “The Journal” to get there from the main page). 🙂

  2. Fixed, Triste. I was using Danielle’s links…might want to tell her as well.

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