And the Blogroll Goes Marching On

For a long time, Mera had an entry in her blogroll for Jacek Antonelli that was just “http:///” (obviously, not a valid URL). I’d look at that and wonder when Jacek was going to get his own blog. Well, now he has, and, following the lead of Alexander Lapointe, I’ve added him to the Evans Avenue Exit blogroll.

Jacek is definitely a colorful character among the Shelter denizens. His tag of “The Colorful Cubist” comes from a couple of different sources…for one, he has this “cubist” avatar that’s a sight to see, and, for another, he’s one of the few people to be enshrined as the name of a color, at least according to Salvador Dalgleish, the Shelter’s elephant with real-time setcolor. (The color “jacek,” as implemented by Sal, is a dark maroon. When his color script is on, people saying “Hi Jacek!” or “Bye Jacek!” in his vicinity will cause him to turn that color.)

One of Jacek’s entertaining exploits was about a month ago, when he and Reina Quine showed up at the Shelter’s formal ball cross-dressed. “Princess Jaceka” proved to be a big hit with the crowd, and many of the men present took a turn around the dance floor with “her.” (Including me–of which I have photographic evidence. I do try to be a good sport, y’know…)

So welcome, Jacek, to the blogroll. His blog is called If I Ruled The Grid, and deals with issues he has with Second Life that he’d do differently. It’s decidedly worth your time.


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