Meme Propagation: Alpha to Zulu

Since three bloggers on my blogroll have now played this game, I feel somewhat obligated to carry on myself. Herewith, the A-Z of the human behind Erbo Evans…

[A is for Age]
37. You got a problem with that? 🙂

[B is for Booze of choice]
I don’t drink a lot anymore, and never really acquired a taste for much alcohol in the first place. But some of the things I can stomach are white zinfandel, champagne, Asti Spumanti, and margaritas.

[C is for Career of choice]
Hacking X for Y. Sometimes I think X = “Second Life” and Y = “Linden Labs,” but I don’t really want to move to the Bay Area. Then again, I’d like to win the Powerball and replace Y with “myself” for the rest of my days…

[D is for Drug of choice]
Caffeine, usually in the form of colas or Penguin Mints. Not only that but, as Timothy Leary once said, “I’m using electrons to activate brain circuits to get you high now. Fortunately, that’s still legal.”

[E is for one Essential item you use every day]
My Nokia 3100 GSM phone. It acts as my alarm clock, my communications lifeline, and a source of entertainment when I’m away from everything else. Other candidates for this position are my custom-build Athlon64-based PC (named “Sangruse” after the nanotech device in Jeff Duntemann’s The Cunning Blood) and my Fossil Abacus WristPDA (A Palm in a watch!).

[F is for Favorite song at the moment]
“Cover My Eyes” by Marillion, from the Holidays in Eden album. It takes me back to when I saw them in concert a year or so ago. “Pa-a-a-a-ain, and heaven…”

[G is for favorite Game]
I will avoid answering “Second Life” here, because I don’t consider it to be so much of a “game” per se. Instead, I will mention Toe Jam & Earl III: Mission to Earth (Xbox). I was a big fan of the original TJ&E for Sega Genesis, and they seem to have preserved a lot of the spirit of that original in the new one. Hey, gonna make a TJ&E4 for Xbox 360? 🙂

[H is for Hometown]
I was born in (near, actually) San Diego, California. Many of my family members still live in that area.

[I is for Instruments you play]
Some keyboard, and I’m also a hand with a sequencer on occasion; I used to do arranging of pop songs as MIDI files as a hobby.

[J is for favorite Juice]

[K is for Kids]
None. Pamela (see below) can’t have ’em. But we have two cats who think they’re our kids.

[L is for Last hug]
From Pamela (see below), this morning.

[M is for Marriage]
October 29, 1999, to Pamela, atop the courthouse clock tower in Santa Barbara, California.

[N is for Nickname]
“Erbo” is my usual handle pretty much everywhere on the Internet. Even some friends of mine–and my brother–call me that.

[O is for number of Overnight hospital stays]
Maybe three or four, the most recent last year when I had to have knee surgery to reattach a couple of tendons I ripped when I slipped on some black ice and dislocated my kneecap.

[P is for Phobias]
Large dogs, talking to strange people on the phone, nuclear annihilation.

[Q is for Quote]
I quote often and frequently. But my recent favorite is from The Cunning Blood (see above), where it was used as an epitaph on a tombstone: “Kick ass. Just don’t miss.”

[R is for biggest Regret]
No regrets. Ever. (Except maybe getting so far into debt at one point…)

[S is for Singing]
Frequently, with the XM radio in my car, if it’s a good song.

[T is for Time you woke up]
On weekdays: Usually by 8:00 AM. On weekends: Hopefully by noon. 🙂

[U is for Underwear]
Boring White Briefs.

[V is for Vegetable you love]
Potatoes…baked and with some cheese and bacon bits. Or scalloped. Or au gratin. Or simply French-fried. And don’t give me that dirty look and muttering about “carbs”…

[W is for Worst habit]
Forgetting to take out my contact lenses before falling asleep. Ow!

[X is for number of X-rays you’ve got]
A number, most recently for my knee (see above). I had two or three series of X-rays for that, and even an MRI at one point.

[Y is for Yummy food you make]
Tacos. I always brown the ground beef for that, mixing in green chiles, reconstituted dried onions, and various spices.

[Z is for Zodiac sign]
Scorpio (November 1). Just missed being a Halloween baby…

Pass it on!


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One response to “Meme Propagation: Alpha to Zulu

  1. Very interesting to know Erbo. 🙂
    Mini glimpses at people are always fun.

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