One Hundred Days

At this point, I’m somewhere close to my hundred-day mark in SL.

“One hundred days” seems to be a popular metaphor for the initial period of the tenure of something. It’s quite popular to examine the first hundred days of a new U.S. President’s term, for instance (and it looks like that tradition started with Franklin Delano Roosevelt). I suppose it’s because it’s a nice round number, even though, calendrically, ninety days would be more “rounded” (it’s a decent approximation for “three months”). There are any number of references to “one hundred days” as a significant quantity in the literature.

So…in my first hundred days as a Resident of Second Life, what have I managed to accomplish?

  • I’ve explored many interesting locations on the Grid, and taken hundreds of photos of my activity, some of which are over on EMinds, some of which are in my Snapzilla gallery.
  • I’ve accumulated a Friends List of some 30-odd people, with calling cards for a number of others, plus cultivated the acquaintance of a few other folks, including some “celebrities.”
  • I’ve become involved with Danielle, and we’ve navigated our way through a number of stages of a successful relationship, from courtship, through marriage, now to “baby on the way.”
  • Aside from Danielle, I’ve accumulated a number of other “family members,” such as sister Skye, adopted son Bott, and sister-in-law Val. (And one dearly-departed brother-in-law…Chris, we’ll never forget you.)
  • I’ve built at least three full-scale structures from scratch (all of which have mostly fallen by the wayside though…that’s OK, nothing lasts forever in SL), as well as a number of minor items.
  • I’ve accumulated an inventory of some 4,300 items…which is in perpetual disarray despite my best efforts.
  • I’ve been a partner in two business ventures.
  • I’ve broadcast 20+ hours of music as a live club DJ. (Tacking on another 2 tonight…)
  • I’ve taken part in two weddings (including my own) and one memorial service.
  • I’ve spent enough time at The Shelter to be considered an unofficial “part of the family,” welcomed whenever I show up.
  • I’ve started this blog, writing plenty of words about SL, and I think I’ve at least made it to the “B-list” of SL bloggers…uncertain as to whether I’d be considered “A-list” at this point.
  • I’ve developed a little facility with LSL, though I know I’ve a long way to go before I can match the feats of the more-accomplished scripters.
  • I’ve come to see that SL is very similar, in some respects, to EMinds in its community interactions; Sl just gives you more “toys” to play with. (Alas, most other EMinders would beg to differ…)

Hmm. Not a bad track record for a mere hundred days.

The next really “big” milestone I’ll have to look forward to is my first rez-day, next May. I don’t know what else I’ll have accomplished by then…but it’s going to be fun finding out.


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  1. I don’t even want to think about my about my first hundred days. But many congrats on yours! 🙂

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