Default Erbo 2.0

As part of my own ongoing program of changes, I’ve made some adaptations to my original “Default Erbo” outfit. It still looks like me as I would when going to work, it’s just a different outfit, with some higher-quality clothes and new gear. Danielle’s influence, of course, is still felt, but in some slightly different ways.

The shirt and pants are now from Blaze, one of the best providers of menswear in Second Life. (I swear by their wool suits with flexi ties.) The black casual slacks and white golf shirt closely resemble items from my RL wardrobe, except the shirt has an “Avaltus” logo on it (one of the companies I used to work for) rather than the Blaze flame logo.

I needed a second set of shoes for this outfit, so I got another pair of brown nubuck leather shoes from D2TK, which is now at a new island location. They’re Version 3 of the shoes, with more built in walk animations and colored sole and lace options. I don’t need the walk animations, but I turned the soles dark to better match my RL Timberland shoes.

Danielle found a good new hairstyle for me, from (where else?) GuRL 6, now at their new “GuRLyWood” island location. It’s the “Mr. Nice Guy” style in dark brown, done by Six Kennedy’s partner Dominik Bauer. It also resembles my RL hair in many respects, especially when it hasn’t been cut for awhile…though I’ll continue to use the Pazazz Metro Brown for some outfits, too.

The skin and attachments remain unchanged, though I’ve added one more attachment, at Danielle’s urging: a Reverie Virtual Systems “Ultimate Male Animation Override.” Chris Ellsworth had one of these before he died; every time I type “/ao on”, it’s like a little reminder of his presence, which is comforting. Plus, there’s no denying the AO gives better animations than the default; the “flying” animations, in particular, really do make me look like Superman.

And, once again, a tool by the esteemed Ms. Ordinal Malaprop has helped me to produce this blog entry; this time, it’s the “SLurlblogger,” a device that lets you take notes based on location and then E-mail all those notes to yourself, properly tagged with their locations and SLurls. An invaluable blogging tool for explorers of the Grid, it may be had gratis from her freebie box at Ordinal Enterprises at The Lighthouse, Caledon.


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  1. Looking good honey! 🙂

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