Unnerving Developments

Everybody knows what happened five years ago today.

For my part, I was still in bed when I got the news. I had just been laid off the previous Thursday, and we had just brought home our second cat the day before. Pamela woke me up to deliver the news and turn on CNN in the bedroom. I felt sickened by the sight…and pissed off.

Maybe the fact that this is the anniversary of that horrible day is what makes this report from Reverend Triste Bertrand all the more disturbing:

It seems that nearly all of the Christian areas on the Grid today were attacked in some way. ALM CyberChurch was particle-bombed at least four times while I was there during worship and during the afterglow, and Christian Gide mentioned that a lot of Christian ministries were being attacked today. There were two Residents at the church this morning dressed in Taliban or Muslim garb attempting to disrupt the service. [emphasis mine]

If taken at face value, this report is profoundly disturbing.

I’m trying to warn myself, “Don’t make too much stew from one oyster.” There’s no evidence that those two griefers he described actually were Muslim; they just wore the clothes. It could easily have been just two random Resis out to get their jollies by disrupting a church service, for any reason or none. (Heaven knows there’s a lot of anti-Christian sentiment in this country, most of it having nothing to do with Muslims. But it could have been a truly random attack as well, just picking the church service as a target of opportunity.)

In fact, I hope it’s just that. Because the alternative is that Muslim terrorism has now come to Second Life.

And the thought of that makes me sick. And pissed off.

(Please, no political thrashes in the comments…if you want Electric Minds, you know where to find it.)

UPDATE: Triste elaborates on the attackers in his own 9/11 tribute post:

[…] the two I mentioned were actually in muslim-oriented groups in SL (I checked both their profiles early on the moment I noticed them). The bomb during the fellowship time was actually kinda funny. The particles were pictures of Bill Cosby holding a Jell-o® Pop with the caption “JELL-OWNED!”. Since they are particles, it’s easy to shut them off using menu commands. I did take a few moments to step outside and turn on the ability to view particle sources, to see where it came from if they attacked again. They didn’t try after that. But then, that was probably also because a Linden arrived shortly thereafter.

While I’m relieved that the attack was not particularly destructive, merely annoying at best (and yes, Triste, particles can be textured; I have a custom particle poofer that emits floating Electric Minds icons), the fact that the attackers were, in fact, associated with Muslim groups is a worrisome step along the path of the “Muslim terrorism” explanation. Again, let’s not be too hasty; they may not actually be Muslim themselves, just sympathetic to or friendly with Muslims…but that’s a big problem in and of itself. My advice to all Residents: Remain watchful, and AR as necessary if you are the victim of an attack. (Probably good advice at any time…)


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  1. This is pretty much the same post that I left on Tris’ blog:

    Having been born and raised in New York it is very hard to forget that the towers I grew up in and knew like the back of my hand are GONE. I don’t remember on 9/11, I remember every day that the hub of Manhattan, the World Trade Center is no more. I also remember that there we people in those towers and that those people died because they came to work that day.
    You know tomorrow is my son’s birthday and for the rest of his life he has to live with the fact that the day before his birthday, terrorists struck on American soil. So for his sake and my own, I am sick of remembering.
    Call me uncaring or whatever, but I am sick of remembering.

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