Actions Speak

I was trying to come up with a response to Mera’s thought stream about how we derive identity from activity, as opposed to from mere appearance or behavior (as explored previously in the “Redux series” that bounced between me, her, and Tateru), but I see that Jacek has beat me to it.

A lot of people in both RL and SL define themselves by what they do, to be sure. Probably the number one most important fact about Tateru, for instance, is not “Tateru looks this-and-such a way” or “Tateru wears these clothes,” but “Tateru helps newbies.” That’s the ultimate source of her influence, and a very powerful one indeed. (I think it may have influenced Mera’s course in SL, for instance.) Similarly, the major fact everyone remembers about Six Kennedy is “Six designs and sells good hair.” And that must be true, else why would Danielle drop so much money over at GuRL 6? 🙂

Some of us do struggle with our identity in this respect. I know it took me a while to let go of defining myself as “the guy that runs the Cutlass Club.” (In some respects, I seem to still be clinging to it. I haven’t updated this blog’s template, for instance, to point to our new venture rather than the old one. Yes, I’m a lazy bastard.) Now I’m trying to redefine my own identity. Danielle, too, seems to be searching for a way to define herself other than as “the spoiled trophy wife of Erbo Evans.” Either Don’t Panic! Designs or the Gin Rummy may very well do that for her (and I give her full credit for starting both of those to anyone who asks). And those of us that are SL bloggers have an additional outlet to express our identity, as I’ve previously mentioned, so one thing that will always be true is, “Erbo blogs about SL.” Is that enough continuity? It may very well be…

Mera asks a very poignant question in Jacek’s comments: “I am, and continue to be *myself*. Moreso in SL than anywhere else. The worry is, is that enough?” I guess the only rational response I can make to that is, “If being yourself is not enough, what is?”


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  1. I can’t seem to get away from these posts. 🙂 In the never ending search to define myself I have found myself gravitating towards an AV that more resembles myself in RL. As far as being ME, well I have been that from the start. I am blunt and rude and generally lean towards the sarcastic. This is who I am in RL and it has filtered into SL. But while I am those things I am also the same person that would give you the shirt off her back if I thought you needed it. I am kind and generous and that is also ME.
    These are what define me, nevermind what my AV looks like for it is always changing and tomorrow it might be green or hell purple. THIS IS ME! What more do you want?
    Nuff said.

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