Metablogging: Facelift

I finally got around to fixing the title image (another Signmaker special) and some of the “Destinations” links in the sidebar. You’ll find a direct SLurl for The Gin Rummy there, as well as a link to Bogart Land Management’s group blog. I’ve also modified Danielle’s blog link, as she’s moved to WordPress, and “link title”: “Devoted Wife, Mother, and Businesswoman” pretty well describes her roles at the moment.

One issue: Looks like there may be some problem with the Snapzilla sidebar code; if you see an error message under “Photos From The Road,” that’s not my doing. Hopefully Cristiano and company will get it fixed soon.


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One response to “Metablogging: Facelift

  1. Awww, how sweet but the Trophy Wife will be back soon. Mwahahahahahahaha
    (In a more tame form of course, so something like Devoted Trophy Wife)

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