How To Have Fun With The Grid Down

Well, I’m guessing that the 1.12.1 release will go down in history as one of the more memorable fusterclucks* of Second Life. Not to fault the Lindens too badly; SL is one of the most complex pieces of ‘ware you’ll ever work with, and as a professional software engineer myself, I know it’s all too easy to introduce bugs when you’re fixing so many other things. And Torley, in particular, did everything she could to keep Residents informed of just what the hell was going on; I’ll recommend her for the Order of Merit, with watermelon clusters (of course!).

Still…how do you pass the time when the Grid is down?

Well, if you’re me, you get picked up by Danielle on Windows Live Messenger (which I run at least partly due to her influence) and added to a group chat with Bott and Skye. We stayed on that for awhile, riffing on a couple of different topics; it got rather intense when Danielle and Bott were acting like they were playing Dungeons & Dragons, while I was throwing in characters from Piers Anthony’s “Incarnations of Immortality” series of books, resulting in Danielle telling me, “Erbo, you can’t be the DM anymore!” Through it all, I was still trying my Second Life login (“The grid is closed for maintenance; access is restricted to employees only”) and checking with the Grand Unified Linden Blog to see if there was any more info available. Even Star made an appearance, sitting on my lap for awhile as I described her actions to the others. (Danielle, sadly, is allergic to cats…)

I toyed with the idea of firing up Live365 Broadcaster and DJ’ing a stream for everyone else, but we decided on another course of action; we all launched Skype (even though Bott had to download it), synced each other’s names onto our contact lists, and set up a conference call. As Skye predicted, there was a lot of laughter on the line, and in fact Pamela complained that I was talking too loudly (which I sometimes do, it’s hard for me to help that). The call continued even after Skye noticed that the Grid was finally open, and we all hurried to log in. All four of us met up at The Shelter, which was about the only place that had anything happening, then teleported back to the (otherwise-empty) Gin Rummy, where we sat around and shot the breeze for awhile, dumping money into the Sploder as we felt like it. First Skye dropped out (of both the call and SL), then Bott, leaving me and Danielle to bounce around and explore a couple of the more popular areas, despite her lag. We wound up at IceDragon’s Playpen, where I taught Danielle how to play Tringo, much as Keeva taught me some months back (except it was easier with the voice line in place, rather than having to do it through chat or IM). After three rounds, I had to go (it being 2 AM, my usual weeknight cutoff time), so we exchanged our goodnight kisses on the front doorstep of our house, and I logged out and hung up.

Despite SL’s issues, it turned out to be a fun evening. I don’t know if I’ll be doing the voice thing again anytime soon; Pamela complained that she had a hard time getting to sleep because she could hear me. But we made the best of a bad situation here, I think. Now…hopefully LL will get the Grid stabilized before tonight…

* – It’s a spoonerism…think “cluster-“. 🙂



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2 responses to “How To Have Fun With The Grid Down

  1. Ok, y’all need to let me know next time you have a party line! I was *bored* last night 🙂

  2. Hell Yeah it was fun and Padre you can join us anytime (if you don’t mind the fact that I curse worse than most sailors). Sorry that we got ya in trouble Erb but snarkies happen when you are having fun.

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