Budding Relationship Guru

Danielle has had an awful lot to say about relationships in SL recently…most notably this post on committed relationships and infidelity in SL, which got her a nice writeup in Second Life Insider. She followed it up with a good discussion of the Xcite! body parts, their use in enhancing a relationship, and their detractors. She’s probably the Numero Uno expert in SL relationships right now…but don’t take my word for it, look at this:

If there is a more qualified person to speak on the topic of How To Make an SL Relationship Work, then that person probably holds a Ph.D in Marriage Therapy. Until that person decides to drop into SL, go check out Dani’s post and talk amongst yourselves.

How’d she get this way? I think I know, and I told her: She’s involved in a successful relationship in SL, and she’s seen enough other relationships, both sucessful and failed, to know what works and what doesn’t in this environment. That automatically puts her ahead of 90% of the Resis out there…maybe 99%.

So I’ve encouraged her to offer her services as a relationship counselor. IM Danielle Ferguson if you want to set up an appointment. 🙂 Or just check out Ask Dani, and give Danielle a try as your advice columnist.

(Photo: Danielle, myself, and Alia on the swing on the front porch of the new Gin Rummy building in South Sunset.)



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3 responses to “Budding Relationship Guru

  1. Dani2.0

    Oh wow! Between you and Akela I feel like I am trapped on a train that is spiraling out of control, guess I just have to “Roll with it Baby”! 🙂

  2. Alia looks like she’s sticking out of your side like a conjoined twin!

  3. I guess there’s a little animation conflict there…Alia’s supposed to be cradled in my arm. She’s such a cutie, though…

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