A Fighting Avatar

I was fortunate enough to encounter AllieKat Stovall in-world last night. It was very good to see her. She’s a longtime friend, and someone I used to go dancing with a lot; she was my most-recent steady dance partner prior to Danielle, in fact.

For those that don’t know, Allie is a Lieutenant Commander in the US Naval Reserve, an aviator. Recently, she and her unit were deployed somewhere in Afghanistan. She’s had some harrowing experiences there, including a recent episode in which a jihadi (a member of a group that had possibly deployed an explosive device near their base) was sent back to Allah by her hand. Not long thereafter, she was able to finagle access to a buddy’s computer long enough to get in-world, where she IM’d me. I teleported over to her location and gave her a big hug (thank you, Maura and Phil; that Deluxe Hug & Kiss Attachment works well). I think she needed it; she certainly appreciated it.

In general, I try and keep RL politics out of my SL blog; anyone who wants to find out where I stand can just visit EMinds and go to the “Speaker’s Corner” conference, where they’ll get an earful and then some. But I will say that I heartily approve of, applaud, and find no fault with Allie’s actions here; she acted quickly, decisively, and correctly to answer the threat. (Fortunately, she was not injured, but two security personnel were, and I pray for their swift recovery. On the other side, a total of four jihadis died of acute indigestion, absorbing too much lead on an empty stomach.) In sheer pragmatic terms, the person she dispatched will never hurt or kill anyone again, and neither will his three fellows…and I’m under no illusion that they would not have done so if given the opportunity. I do hope that her actions don’t wind up scrutinized to death by a bunch of REMFs* with law degrees and bleeding hearts…

I am worried about the other situation she describes, too, in which a plane and crew were lost. I hope for their safe return, but, after all this time, I know it’s probably unlikely. I just hope they don’t wind up being beheaded on a videotape that turns up on al-Jazeera and the Internet.

I sent her some pictures of us from my EMinds archive, as well as a couple of MP3 tracks taken from my live set last Saturday. Hopefully, they’ll act as a morale booster. If you want to contact her as well, our mutual friend Akela has her GMail address. I’m sure she’d appreciate people saying “hi,” sending her a little slice of home, or just offering their thanks.

And that’s what I’m going to do here, publically. Thank you, Allie, for fighting these bastards that would seek to kill or enslave us all. The work you do is vital to the security, not merely of the USA, but of Western civilization as a whole. Stay safe, and come back to us when you can. Godspeed.

* – Any military person, or anyone that knows military people, will recognize this acronym for “Rear Echelon…”



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4 responses to “A Fighting Avatar

  1. Shockwave Plasma

    Here is an example of REMF at work, at their most incompetent.

    Shoot the enemy sure, but just don’t kick them to make sure they are dead!

    http://www.etan.org/et2003/april/07/17austrl.htm#SAS soldier

  2. Shockwave, you are so right. That soldier might’ve been better off just expending an extra round on that corpse.

    Of course, Allie can’t even get a drink, much as she’d like one…they don’t allow alcohol on the U.S. bases there. Muslims don’t drink alcohol, and well, we mustn’t offend the people who are trying to kill us… –>

  3. Aw .. I am just recently making my rounds of blogs and have collected a few that I want to visit often. First of all I want to comment on your Banner header! I love it! I totally love it! It’s perfect. Second of all, I know how sensitive it can be to mix RL issues with SL .. but I am glad you did. I just came from Allie’s site from another blog and she did mention that she had not posted in awhile .. but there was no mention of her recent challenge! WOW! Amazing. LIke you, I too have my own opinions on many things so let’s not get started here. I am glad you shared this story with us. No matter how we may feel that it is safe (and often times it IS) to keep our RL business and SL business separate .. sometimes you just can’t!

  4. Thanks for the good words, Maxine.

    The header graphic was made using SignMaker, a nifty little Java applet that creates freeway signs to your specifications. I kind of stretched it to its limit to do the “big” sign with the blog tagline…and in real life, Evans Avenue is not a Colorado state highway, much less CO-42. (It is, however, Exit 203 along Interstate 25; that much is accurate.)

    I actually got Allie’s story both from her blog and directly from her. At a later point after the events of this story, but before she left Afghanistan, she was able to not only attend some events at the Gin Rummy, but act as event host a couple of times (for which I paid her the standard rate per event, naturally). And I found myself playing, not just for the crowd at the GR, but for a group of her mates that had gathered around the computer on her end. She says there’ll probably be a few new Residents as a result of this…once they get back to the States themselves.

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