Evans Avenue Exit is now available via Tao Takashi’s World of SL aggregator site.  To all those of you discovering this site for the first time as a result: greetings and welcome!

With the shift from Blogger to WordPress, I began taking a little more aggressive view of blog promotion.  I have relented and allowed the site to be indexed, for instance.  At first I was worried that this would conflict with my First Life usage of the handle “Erbo,” but a quick Google for “Erbo” shows that my concerns are unfounded.  Heck, the first “Erbo” in the results that points to me specifically leads to Advogato, a site that I haven’t used in years and that isn’t even running anymore.  The first “Erbo” in the results that points to “Erbo Evans” (as opposed to RL-Erbo) points to my profile on Blog-City, where I registered so I could post comments to Torley’s blog.  Go figure. (Evans Avenue Exit itself is result #12.)



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2 responses to “Wideband

  1. And how did you get on the WorldofSL? 🙂

  2. By mailing Tao and asking him who I had to bribe to get on it. 😀

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