Welcome, Shockwave

Danielle informs me that Shockwave Plasma has joined the ranks of SL bloggers, and I know I’ve run into her in world somewhere, right? So she joins the elite band of bloggers on the Evans Avenue Exit blogroll.
As Danielle recounts, she might have quit SL altogether early on had she not run into Shockwave, who brought her to The Shelter, where she met all kinds of wonderful people, including me, and…well, you see where I’m going. That’s part of why I have her down as “Danielle’s Sensei.” Sensei, in Japanese, means “teacher,” but it has a wide variety of connotations, including the guy at the local dojo who kicks your ass until you learn. 🙂 Shockwave’s guidance was an essential lesson for Danielle, not just in where to go, but in the fact that SL wasn’t as bleak as it was appearing to her right at that moment.

Shockwave’s blog title, The Shockwave Writer, is a nice allusion to the title of one of my favorite SF novels, John Brunner’s The Shockwave Rider. It’s well known for being an early ancestor of the “cyberpunk” genre, and introduced the term “worm” as applied to a self-replicating computer program that uses networks to propagate itself.  Interestingly enough, at one point in that novel, the main character makes a statement: “Ah, you don’t have to know everything; you just have to know where to find it.”  In today’s modern world, with Google and other Internet search engines, that statement has never been truer.  Pamela just proved it by looking up the answer to a logic problem her friends overseas sent her…


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  1. I wouldn’t call myself a teacher of any sort, in fact Danielle has done much more in SL than I have.

    I log in at 22:00 my time, until about 23:00, and I don’t really want to think to much, as SL is a cure for my insomina. Really it is. I really want to build and to script, but it would keep me awake.

    I’m two, yes two, whole days older than Mera. She does much more than I as well. Oddly I still think of her as ‘young’. In SL you can be old in days , but young in hours. It’s really the hours that count.

    Erbo, you got it in one. When I choose my name, I thought, this is the new Cyberworld we have been waiting for, so I had better have a cool cyber name, if nothing else.

    I read The Shockwave Rider a long time a go, and as you said it was the Cyperpunk precurser. It’s also easy to spell, and remember I think.

    The blog, well I have an IT job where I have to fix really difficult stuff. Paper jams, lost files, etc
    ( starts to cry ). So the blog is at least a bit creative, and Torley is an inspiration, so I’m making sure I’m doing more in SL, and putting the pics on Flickr.

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