Just this evening, we encountered some really odd behavior in SL, or at least in the South Sunset region.  Whenever people walked around, they started bouncing, as if they were falling through the floor and then getting booted back up.  Sitting or standing very still seemed to alleviate the problem, but it was still nerve-racking.  It felt almost like an earthquake…and, being originally from California, I have reason to respect the power of earthquakes. 🙂

It lasted long enough for me to call Live Help and report it.  George Linden, one of the newer Lindens, came by to check it out, and it lasted long enough for him to feel the effects himself.  Then, suddenly, while he was there, it stopped.  All of us were at a loss for words, and George was reluctant to restart the sim without there being a real problem (understandably), so the event, hopefully, will simply fade into history.  But that’s a failure mode I’ve never run into…


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  1. We had a hefty series of simquakes on Help Island 1 earlier in the year. Brief tremors at first, climbing up the virtual Richter Scale. Restarting the sim ultimately did the trick. Some sort of cumulative floating point error in the physics system, perhaps?

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