Remind Me

I’m a little burnt right now, and the burnt-age only looks to get worse over the next couple of weeks, thanks to a product in beta, an upcoming trade show, and Someone Who Must Be Placated. But I thought I’d share an observation with you.

I’ve been playing a little tune by the Norwegian group Royksopp in some of my DJ sets, called “Remind Me.” In its original form, it was used in a GEICO commercial here in the U.S.; however, the video for the more up-tempo remix is extraordinary:

When I first brought this video to the attention of people on Electric Minds, I called it “sheer unadulterated infoporn,” because of all the nifty infographics and the way they “mesh” with the events of the video. However, the video contains two sequences that look just like a Second Life “rez-in” sequence, as the client adds prims to your view when you teleport into a new area. (Only faster, alas.) And the protagonist of the video sure looks like she could be an avatar herself…

Decent techno, at any rate. Check it out…


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  1. I love this video. Naturally, I once blogged about my enjoyment of it too @

    You know who else likes it? Catherine Omega, cofounder of the LSL Wiki. Hehe. Triviaaaa.

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