Come…Join us…Don’t be afraid…

I wasn’t the first SL blogger I know to jump on the WordPress bandwagon…nor am I the last, it seems.  The latest addition to the list of migrants from Blogger to WordPress is Shaunny Stovall, who joins her sister AllieKat as well as a bunch of us hosting our SL blogs on  Another important group of bloggers use WordPress software, but host it on their own servers; this list includes Mera, Ms. Ordinal Malaprop, and the latest addition: Torley herself, long a resident of Blog-City but switching over to gain more experience with WordPress (which, in fact, the Grand Unified Linden Blog also uses).
Most of the bloggers I know that remain on Blogger are either still new to blogging (Shockwave, Bay), seem to have given it up (Val, Q), or have moved to the new Blogger beta, which provides more advanced features similar in some respects to WordPress (Jacek, Tateru, Akela).  The original Blogger was a decent enough system, but sluggish; WordPress is better performing but not as flexible with its template system. (To get around that problem, I may go the self-hosted route myself eventually…)
And I’d like to take this opportunity to express my hope that one particular Resi would start a blog of her own: Reina Quine, if you’re out there, I’d love to be able to see what the Princess of Purple is thinking.  Maybe you’ve already taken the plunge; if so, once I find that blog, a spot on the Evans Avenue Exit blogroll is ready and waiting. If not…well, I can just reiterate the title of this post. 🙂



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5 responses to “Come…Join us…Don’t be afraid…

  1. I second that call for Reina. Come join us! It’s not that scary at all!

  2. I am using blogger beta. But I have to admit that WordPress is very nice to look at.

  3. I’ll probably be where I am until I need to do something that it doesn’t. No impetus to move. Sure, there may be aspects in another system that work better, but as long as the existing system does everything I want it to, then there’s not actually benefit to /me/ to move – and doing so wouldn’t actually make any sense.

  4. Hey, whatever works for you…Triste uses Apple’s iWeb for SL blogging, and it suits him just fine. Had I not followed Danielle’s lead and gone to WordPress, I might have shifted to the Blogger beta myself…

    So, Reina, you don’t have to use WordPress, either. 🙂

  5. Salazar Jack uses iWeb too.

    I find WordPress to be way more elegant — I did try to get my feet dirty in Blogger too, but they didn’t have enuff watermelon quota for me. Plus, all those WP plugins… HECK HOW CAN I RESIST? Booyeah.

    So count me in on the WordPress bandwagon (what the heck is that, anyway?). I definitely had needs that had to be fulfilled. Rawr.

    Reina, I voice my encouragement to you too: get your blog on!

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