On The Move Again

Evans Family CompoundWell, we’ve done it again. Danielle needed more land, with more prims, to fully execute her latest home vision…so we’ve pulled up stakes from South Sunset, at least as far as our residence is concerned. The new Evans family compound is located on Aphrodisia, on land managed by Fantasyland. (“Evans family compound”…boy, that makes me feel like a Kennedy. Except without the getting-shot or drowning-girlfriends-in-Oldsmobiles bits. But I digress.)

The new parcel definitely qualifies as “friggin’ HUGE!” At nearly 10,000 square meters, it supports 2255 prims. It features two water edges with surf; I kept the waves when we bought the parcel, and the sound of the breakers crashing on the beaches is very soothing. If Danielle can’t build a dream house on that…maybe we’d better start saving our pennies and dimes for an island sim of our own.

Which brings me to why it was a good time to buy. Though it was a happy coincidence that I acquired the working capital for this endeavour just when I needed it (thanks, Mom!), the announcement from Linden Labs of the increase in prices for islands has been sending shockwaves through the island real estate market. Parcels for sale or rent have been getting more scarce…and some land owners have been raising their tier and rental fees. Some have speculated that the island residential real estate market as we know it may be unsustainable with the higher maintenance fees for private islands that are being phased in (though there is a good deal of confusion yet as to exactly when they’ll be phased in for new or transfer customers; existing landholders are grandfathered in for now), meaning fewer parcels are likely to become available for strict residential use…which will make existing island residential parcels, like ours, all the more valuable in the future.
We, however, are unlikely to move again…no matter how many times Danielle razes and reconstructs the house. At least not unless and until we can afford an island of our own. Which reminds me…I need to check my Powerball numbers for tonight. 🙂
(Besides the house and the pool–carryovers from Danielle’s latest South Sunset renovation–the most visible landmark on the new property is the flagpole. That’s pure swank; I put up a flagpole with a Colorado flag flying from it, and then Miho, Danielle’s cousin who’s looking after things while Danielle is away, insited I attach a New York flag to the same flagpole. Both flags are flexi, of course, to wave gently in the breeze. The effect is pretty nice, actually.)


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