An Oversight, Corrected

I’ve been remiss…there’s someone I’ve needed to add to the blogroll here for awhile.  And he did show up to a Frogg & Jaycatt show at the Gin Rummy once, so my requirement of an in-world encounter has been technically met…so, welcome, Prokofy Neva, to the Evans Avenue Exit blogroll.

The tag I’ve given Prokofy, after some thought, is “The Loyal Opposition.” He’s known for his contrarian opinions about SL and how Linden Labs is doing running it, and how things can be made better. Many people consider him a gadfly, but it’s obvious he really cares about SL, and wants to see it succeed.   He’s articulate and passionate, which are exactly the kind of qualities you want in a Loyal Opposition.  His response to Tateru Nino’s latest post on Second Life Insider about the support of newbies (response #1) is a prime example.
Every political environment–and SL is certainly that–needs a Loyal Opposition to keep it on its toes, and Prokofy is a fine example thereof.  I’m going to keep a closer eye on what he has to say.  Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore him…not and remain well-informed about the state of SL.


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