Encounter with Another Blogger

View of Osprey Therian's art galleryOsprey Therian was kind enough to drop by the Gin Rummy this evening, probably encouraged by tonight’s DJ, Jensel Karlfeldt.  As I’ve seen her blog on WorldofSL before, I’ve now added her to the ever-growing list of elite bloggers that is the Evans Avenue Exit blogroll.

Before writing this entry, I spent some time over at her store, her art gallery, and some of the locations in her Picks.  One important thing I noticed: She likes cats.  Anyone who likes cats must have something good going for them.   (I say this as one whose lap is frequently occupied by a cat during my SL sessions.)  Her shop is full of some good period outfits, and I’ll certainly drop by there when the GR decides to run a medieval event, which will probably happen sooner or later.  As for her link title…I name her exactly as she names herself, “The Elven Artisan.”

Besides all of the above, she’s cracked the two-year mark in SL…which, I’m certain, means she has a few good things to say about the state of the world here and there.  Make sure and check it out…


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