Good Way To Resume Posting

It’s always good to have a good thing to resume posting with after a small hiatus…and it was pleasing to get the news that another Shelterite has joined the ranks of SL bloggers. Patience Xie, welcome to the Evans Avenue Exit blogroll.

I most often see Patience in the company of Reina Quine, shockedfrog Shriner, and/or Alexander Lapointe; she was present last night as shocked and I matched wits over the Shelter in Exile’s SLTrivia board, among other times I’ve seen her, so she meets the criteria for the blogroll. She’s well known for her quick wit, but is also a great helper of newbies, as are many Shelter regulars.

Her introductory post says about her, “She is a tempermental girl named after a virtue she sorely lacks.” That gave me a hook for a title for her: “The Ironically Named.” Yet there’s something delightfully old-fashioned about the name…it’s almost like a name I’d expect from a resident of Caledon. (Pati, if you’ve never seen it, it’s definitely a must-see; I find it visually soothing and quite charming. And they’re expanding rapidly…I think they’re getting up to 13 sims now. That’s at least triple the size that fair isle was when I first joined…)

Do check her new blog out, if you get a chance…and keep your eye on her.


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  1. I love Caledon, though I couldn’t bring myself to have a home there. It’s where I bought my little piratey airship.