More Linkage: A Discovery

Seems Second Life blogs are sprouting like mushrooms these days…and I have a new addition for the elite Evans Avenue Exit blogroll. But first, a little story.

One day about a month or so ago, Danielle and I were out looking around for new stores to shop at. We stopped at one store which was extremely laggy (I can’t even remember what it was now) and Danielle begged me to find someplace better. I called up the Search dialog, typed a random string–“asa”–into the Places search, and spotted, among the results, a relatively low-trafficked store named Casa del Shai. What the heck…I bounced over there and fired off a TP to Danielle to allow her to follow.

What we discovered was a store with some high-quality clothing, reasonably priced. And, by sheer luck, we discovered the owner as well, Shai Delacroix. She turned out to be a sweet young lady who stayed and chatted with us for some time. We finally departed with a new name on our Friends Lists, new landmarks in our inventory, and the resolve to return. And return we have–not only have I purchased some of her good casual menswear, a young lady friend of mine has gone absolutely gaga over Shai’s dresses. She practically lives in a couple of them…though she goes back frequently enough to pick up any additions. (She tells me that, in Shai’s new Aphrodite Cocktail Dress, she really looks like a goddess…)

Flash forward…and while checking out profiles of people on my Friends List, to see who among them might be using the new Web tab in the profile, I stumbled on a link to the official Shai blog. On WordPress, yet! It took me about two seconds to decide to add her to the Evans Avenue Exit blogroll…and just minutes more to decide on her title: “The Most Serendipitous Discovery.” And now you know why.

Visit her blog, and visit her store. She deserves the business.


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