A Wizard Cometh

I was pleased to find out, via poking at the new Web tab, that Merle Widget now has an SL blog. I’ve known Merle almost since I was a rank newbie…he’s been on hiatus for a lot of that time, but has now returned to the fold, and spent some time hanging around at the Gin Rummy. He claims to not have a lot to write about, but I’m sure he’ll have something soon…possibly scripting-related.

He calls himself “The Digital Hermit.” I added “Wizard” to that title, because I know him to be a cunning manufacturer of scripted gadgetry. So Merle, even if you do wind up writing that “Ten Reasons Why I $#@ing Hate LSL” post, you’re now among the few, the proud, the Evans Avenue Exit blogroll members!


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