You Can Observe A Lot Just By Looking

Since the release of 1.13, a lot of islands that were previously invisible have now been revealed on the map…and, as I was idly browsing across the map last night, I spotted some interesting stuff.

Note: I only spotted these places on the map, I didn’t try to TP to them. If you do so, you do so at your own risk. The system may block you, or you may find yourself someplace you shouldn’t ought to be able to reach. Evans Avenue Exit assumes no liability for any consequences therefrom.

For one thing, I spotted the actual Orientation and Help Islands. Look north-northeast of the northeast tip of the southern Mainland continent for two columns of islands arranged in roughly cruciform configurations. Each one has a Help Island in the center and Orientation Islands surrounding it. (Some of the OIs seem to be “missing” for whatever reason.) Another grouping is just west of the northwest tip of the southern Mainland continent; this grouping has a single Help Island with 5 OIs surrounding it (one off to the east-northeast of the others).

Due south of the southern Mainland, you’ll find the celebrated “Island of Misfit Toys,” a LL-internal island apparently used for bug testing. (The name, of course, comes from the famous Rankin-Bass Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer TV special.) Nearby, to the west, are the intriguingly-named “Island of Unit Tests,” “Bug Island,” and “TextureTest.”

Lastly, I probed up to the north, locating the Motorati island (six sims in a rectagular pattern is pretty easy to spot), which turned out to be in a cluster of islands apparently belonging to MillionsOfUs. I panned west from there, and, near the Scion City island, I spotted two new islands…”Microsoft” and “Comcast.” Hmmm…could these be a harbinger of two more RL companies looking to establish a toehold on the Grid? All I can say is, better turn on no-push on that Microsoft island…there’ll probably be a few Residents out there looking to take some potshots, if you know what I mean. (I myself got some evil fantasies involving the use of the Ordinal Beehive Launcher…but, of course, I’d never actually do it. 🙂 )

“You can observe a lot just by watchin’.” – Yogi Berra



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2 responses to “You Can Observe A Lot Just By Looking

  1. Becky Tardis

    Near the Island of Misfit Toys there is the island of “Danger!Danger!” and Brentzookistan.


  2. You’re right, of course; I had momentarily forgotten about those. 🙂

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