Purple Fans Everywhere, Rejoice!

You may recall, a month or so ago, that I encouraged Reina Quine, the Princess of Purple, to join the ever-expanding community of SL bloggers.


You may also notice the domain of that blog site…Reina has been graciously sponsored by her true friend Mera Pixel, who is (of course, now, forever, and I don’t care what color she happens to be wearing at the time 🙂 ) the Queen of Purple. The two of them make a good team…although, of course, Reina and Patience also make a good team. Reina’s just a good team player all around. She even helped us out when Frogg and Jaycatt played the GR the first time…she spread the word to their fan club and the Live Music Enthusiasts group for me, and ensured we had a sim-packing success.

The Princess, of course, has relatively modest goals in mind:

[…] I don’t intend to have many thoughts worth committing to print, being that I’m completely satisfied with my position as a useless underachiever in SL itself. More than likely this blog will read like a low-rate tabloid, chronicling the antics of my zany friends, any Pati*Rei party plans, occassional musings on music, and, above all…shopping purchases. That’s right dear readers, stay glued to this page, for lessons will be learned, love will be shared, lives will be changed!

Don’t be too hasty, Reina…when you start blogging, sometimes, the damnedest things happen. Take it from one what knows. Meanwhile, Quine-tessential will have an honored place among the elite bloggers of the Evans Avenue Exit blogroll.

(How apropos…I’m wearing my new purple polo shirt today, the one I found at the Stein Mart in Poway, thinking to myself, “Mera and Reina would be proud!” In fact, my wardrobe today is very close to my new “Default Erbo 2.1” look in-world…maybe it brought good luck. Or purple luck, at any rate.)



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5 responses to “Purple Fans Everywhere, Rejoice!

  1. Mera

    I’d like to point out that I had encouraged Reina to blog and offered this site long before anyone else. So if there’s credit to be had, it all goes to me. SCORE for Purple! 🙂

  2. Oh, I’ll let you take as much credit as you like, Mera. Reina’s Quine-tessence is really a SCORE! for all of us…and hopefully we both can give her a good promotional head start. (I’ve no doubt people like Akela, Jacek, and so forth will blogroll her, too, which can only help.)

  3. She’s added to mine on the new site. You’ll need to update your blogroll to point directly at http://www.stevenwbuehler.us (it’s no longer on dotMac).

  4. Already taken care of here, Padre. 🙂

  5. Speaking as a “C0lorful” resident, an artist and seamstress, “while purple has many shades and provides many flavors and moods, remember it is really (Red and Blue, with no Green)”.

    I am a fan of the people who embrace Purple (Reina and Mera), but, I must speak up for the Three Basic Colors. It is my duty as the Starr-ving Artist to stand up for the foundation for all we see, that’s RGB!

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