Look Out, Everyone!

Dateline: The SL Blogosphere

Today is the official end of blogging as we all know it. Dixie Starr has decided that the world cannot live without a Starr-ving Artist Blog. Around the globe, you can hear people canceling there [sic] blogging acounts. There is a rumor now, that the RSS standard for blogging will be revoked in order to prevent the Dixie Blog from taking effect in cyberspace. There is even fear in the International Business Community as millions, even billions of dollars will be put at risk due to the new Dixie Starr – Starr-ving Artist Blog. The fear is that Dixie’s effect on the blogging community and the resulting changes to the RSS standard, and do we dare say it, even the TCP/IP protocal itself will have untold impacts to not only today’s technology related markets, but, even have reprecussions to future generations.

Fret not, friends. Evans Avenue Exit pledges to carry on despite this clearly calamitous occurrence. 🙂 But this piece of news shall not pass without consequence here; to wit, Dixie Starr has been added to the group of extraordinary, etc., bloggers making up the blogroll. As title, I have adopted her own blog’s title, except I changed it to “The Starr-ving Artiste” in hopes of boosting her cachet with a little dimestore French.

Dixie is noted, not merely as an artist, but as a fashion designer; I note that she has worn her own creations to Shelter formal balls of weeks past, which has drawn no little attention from the other attendees, myself included. She’s also a fun person to talk with, as you may have gathered from her writing style. We shall hope to see great things from her.

(Hat tip to Dolzarama for pointing this bit of news out for me.)


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