Setbacks, Triumphs…It’s All Part of Life

Erbo at the ComputerI thought Danielle’s RL counterpart would be in her new house by now…but she tells me that there were so many problems with the house, they’re back in a hotel again. That’s going to continue to make her in-world time scarce, to say the least. Still, the show must go on, and the Gin Rummy still runs on schedule every night.

It wouldn’t work half as well, though, without the Stovall sisters, Allie and Shaunny, and also Sarahelisebeth Brenham. These three lovely ladies are our “managers,” but what they feel like is my “general staff.” They know my methods and make many decisions for the club in accordance with the policies I’ve already set. Thanks to them, schedules get set, applicants are interviewed and scheduled in, and we have a full crew when events happen each night. Frequently, if Danielle’s not around, I’ll hang with Allie or Shaunny or both for awhile after events. (Shaunny and her fiancee Alan have recently moved in over in a corner lot in Amelia, the sim to the west of Aphrodisia, and Allie has a sky-house flying over the same property. It’s good to have them as neighbors.)

At the computerOutside of club event hours, I put in appearances over at both Shelters, the original Isabel one and the Exiled Swinside one, and pop in at a couple other places here and there. Often times, though, I park myself in my computer desk at the compound, turn on the music stream (often Club977 80’s) and spend some time writing blog posts or comments, reading the latest blog entries, catching up with my GMail or the posts on Electric Minds, doing some work on the Gin Rummy intranet site, or whatever. Being in-world, though, I can respond at once if the IM chime sounds…or pop “upstairs” to our private build pad if I get an idea.

In recent days, the Gin Rummy has scored some nice successes. We now have a real “name” DJ working for us, Chelle Moore, who will be behind the GR’s Wheels o’Steel every Tuesday and Thursday. She actually has her own fan club (100 or so strong!), guaranteeing attendance levels previously unseen at the GR outside of a Frogg & Jaycatt show. And she’s got a fun, perky style at the mic, as well as a wide-ranging eclectic taste in music. She could really put the GR on the map! We have another new DJ that started this evening, too, who looks to be working out really well. We have some new dancers, bartenders, and hosts, too, though we continue to seek out more.

So, despite the fact that I miss Danielle, things seem to look pretty good from my chair, here at the Evans Family Compound in Aphrodisia. Here’s hoping it’s looking the same for you, whereever you may be.



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3 responses to “Setbacks, Triumphs…It’s All Part of Life

  1. Gin Rummy is on my A-list for good reason. I must admit I have dropped by only during the Frogg and Jaycatt concerts. But, I thought I would drop by this time for a drink behind the old bookcase and discovered there was no longer a bookcase. It also hit me that the reason there was a dance cage upstairs at the old place was not as a joke, but, because the Gin Rummy was really a strip joint. I was so, flustered, I teleported away.

    Alright, Dixie is a little slow on the uptake sometimes. Anyway, I love you and your staff, so, I still would just like to drop by and hang out. The questions is next time should I bring my G-string?

    I will drop by for the DJ, sounds like fun 🙂

  2. The Gin Rummy is emphatically not a strip joint. Our dancers are burlesque dancers, as would be seen in the 1920’s. Lingerie is the minimum dress code. We don’t even let the customers strip down, for heaven’s sake. We run a class joint. 🙂

    You’re welcome any time you care to stop by for an event. Tonight’s event is “best in green,” featuring DJ Jensel. Frogg & Jaycatt play live tomorrow night.

  3. Misty

    ACK! If Erbo had a strip joint, you would never catch my butt in that cage!

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