Okay, Maybe it IS Easy Being Green

Via Reverend Triste Bertrand, I have received the news that shockedfrog Shriner has joined the SL blogosphere (neither I, nor the esteemed Ms. Malaprop, like the term “SLogosphere”), and now, he joins the ever-lengthening Evans Avenue Exit blogroll.

shockedfrog is commonly addressed as “Green” around the Shelter(s), providing a color balance to the well-known purple coalition of Mera and Reina. (Just like the Drazi.) He’s also a topnotch SLTrivia player; I doubt I could ever approach his record. And he’s generally a nice guy, too. It’ll be interesting to see what he has to say.

For his official “tag,” I, of course, borrowed the well-known line from Kermit the Frog. Though maybe shocked will be the one that proves this wrong…


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One response to “Okay, Maybe it IS Easy Being Green

  1. Yaaaaaay Green. We can truly say it is the end of blogging as we know it.

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