A Christmas Greeting

After a day spent in RL, opening presents, eating, and doing all that typical Christmas stuff, I logged into SL to take care of some errands like tier payments. While I was there, chatting with Danielle and the Stovalls, who had also logged in, one of our friends, Cat Gisel, sent me a notecard with a wonderful Christmas story on it. I’d love to quote the whole thing here, but I’d want to get permission from Cat first. But I will quote something she said at the end that made me feel special:

I just want you to know that I am honoured to have met you, even if for a short time so far, and that my life is richer because of that gift you have blessed *me* with, yay! I wish you more blessings and joy than you can handle, so much that you can share some of it with someone you meet! Thank you, and talk to ya soon. Happy “Hanukwanzimas,” and Happy New Year! Thanks for keeping me up late for your silly fun events 🙂 heehe

For our part, we’re all about Christmas here, in both RL-Erbo’s home and the Evans Family Compound. But that doesn’t mean we can’t appropriate wisdom from other religions as we see fit…and there’s an old Jewish saying I felt reminded of: “Who saves one life, saves the world entire.”

Sometimes it’s not easy being a club owner…endless things that need to be done, endless planning, endless expense, moderation of conflicts, and a million and one other details. But seeing this message–and the sentiment reflected in it–helped me remember why I do this. (Well, other than the fact that Danielle wants it, that is–no small consideration, to be sure!) If I have touched just one person enough to send me this sort of message, then that makes the whole endeavor worthwhile.

And, as Cat wishes, I’d like to pass along some of those blessings.

First, most, and always…to Blessed Danielle. Because of you my Second Life is ten times as rich as it might have been…and my First Life has been enriched by your RL-self’s influence, too.

To the Stovall sisters, Allie and Shaunny…the two of you are my strong right arms, and great friends as well. Your assistance has been and continues to be invaluable.

To all our Gin Rummy employees…you help make the place special for everyone that comes there. Thanks for being there. We’re going to make the club even more successful in the year to come, and all of you will be a big part of that.

To all my friends at the Shelter(s)…there’s just so many of you! Travis, Mera, Dol, Reina, Pati, Jacek, Alex, Merle, Tasman, Coal, Jensel, shocked, and all those other folks…I’m privileged to know you all.

To Sirux Mahoney at Fantasyland, and Doeko Cassidy at Crystal Islands…you guys are a pleasure to do business with. We hope to continue dealing with you for a long time to come.

To my three greatest inspirations in the SL blogosphere…first, Ms. Malaprop: Madam, I may never know as much about LSL as you–nay, I may never know as much as you’ve forgotten about LSL–but your example, not only as an engineer but as a human being (as Prokofy Neva recounted recently), is one I hope to eventually emulate. Tateru, it was your example that, as much as anyone, inspired me to come here in the first place…and you have personally gifted me with much honor since then. And Torley…you are unique just by being you, and every time I see a comment from you, on your blog or mine, it’s a precious, spiritually-uplifting gift.

And to the Lindens: Thank you for letting me come and play in your “garden.” May you see all the success you richly deserve in the months and years to come!

Merry Christmas to all…and to all a good night!

(Even if the night lasts only an hour. 🙂 )


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