Passage of Time

Last night, a few comments from Danielle (as we engaged in some slow dancing at the family compound) caused me to take a look through my Calling Cards folder at some of the profiles of people in there, many of which I hadn’t seen or spoken to in awhile.  Perhaps Tateru’s post on Second Life Insider about profiles was something of a spur for this as well.  I wound up dumping a bunch of cards from people that I couldn’t really remember…but, in the process, I found out some interesting things.

For starters, some people in there simply weren’t in Second Life anymore.  Searching for their names under Search People yielded null results.  (And no, I don’t think Search People is broken; I found any number of obscure names by using it.)  The roll of the vanished includes Chris Ellsworth (unsurprising, given the fact of his RL self’s passing), my former business partner Valorna Edgeworth and her sister Raine Drakes, former employee and best-man-designate at my wedding 167mamba Au, and, most surprisingly, Keeva Hayek and her partner Woodie Taft.  Keeva was my first dance partner in Second Life, she was maid of honor at our wedding (Woodie was a groomsman as well), and I still have a copy of their wedding invitation in my inventory someplace.  (I wasn’t able to make the ceremony, damn it, because I was in RL at the time, driving back from Durango.)  I still feel sentimental about her, and I hope the two of them are OK.

Aside from that, some of my earliest calling cards are a little surprising.  Rose Bradley, who I met early on at The Shelter, now seems to have taken up a master-slave relationship.  Shawna Montgomery, head of one of the first groups I joined, the Science Fiction Rangers, has now bought her own island.  (Lucky her!)  Clutch Carson, who I recall when he was still a budding artiste, is now not only an accomplished one, but a land-rental baron, and is married in SL as well.  And so forth.

“Well I am still here for you Erbo,” said Danielle as I marveled over these changes.

“I know, Love. And I am here for you,” I assured her, which caused her to respond, “YAY!”

SL is, by its very nature, an inconstant thing; there are any number of sights that I recall seeing or have heard tell of that I will never see again.  Now I see that there are people I will never see again as well.  In some respects, it’s disquieting, but there are only two things you can do about it; you can embrace the change, continually following the new, and you can do your best to create a little pocket of stability for yourself and the people you care about within the world.  I’m doing my best at both of these.

“Change is not merely necessary to life — IT IS LIFE.”Alvin Toffler



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5 responses to “Passage of Time

  1. Holy crap, Keevs and Woodie are gone?! *weeps* Man, that’s kinda depressing. Hopefully, they’re just taking a break from SL or something.

  2. I don’t think they’re “taking a break,” Alex. Their accounts are gone. Look them up in Search People, you get a big fat “None found” return. If they’d choose to do that–and lose, among other things, Keeva’s extensive, expensive wardrobe–rather than just tier down, convert back to Basic, and just let the accounts sit, they must not be planning to return. Whereever they may be, I wish them well.

  3. Hmmm, I have Woodie’s e-mail, so I may drop him a line at some point and see how things are.

  4. Keeva and Woodie have both recently had a fresh start in SL and I can’t say more than that. At the very least, they’re both happy and healthy in RL, which would be my main concern for any friend who ‘disappears’.

  5. Thats good to know Reina, I was looking for them a few weeks ago, and wondered what had happened.

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