Flame On!

Well, no one ever said that Evans Avenue Exit was always first to every party. Reina, Triste, and Dolmere have already pointed it out, but the skilled and talented FireEyes Fauna has joined the ranks of SL bloggers, and thus joins the ranks of the Evans Avenue Exit blogroll.

FE (as he is commonly known) is a talented designer and scripter, being known around The Shelter(s) primarily for his hosting of the game show “Second Fortune,” an in-world version of the ever-popular Wheel of Fortune. (He designed and built the game setup himself, too, including the audience seats.) He’s also well-known for his funky slippers, on sale as “FireEyes’ Fauna Footies,” and for his on-again, off-again relationship, of sorts, with Reina Quine. Actually, last time I saw FE, he was actually a “she,” having assumed a female avatar. Will this change be a permanent one, ala Jacek? Only FE knows for sure…

FE has been designated “The Shelter’s Own Pat Sajak,” in commemoration of his Second Fortune efforts. We look forward to seeing what else comes from the mind of this unique genius.

UPDATE: Please see FE’s own comment to this post…your humble reporter managed to get many of the details exactly backwards.  Nothing new, I suppose… 🙂



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5 responses to “Flame On!

  1. Just for a few quick corrections…

    My slippers are on sale as Fauna Footies. It’s a play on my last name along with them being Animals.

    I’m not known for my on again off again relationship with Reina. For those who really know me, we were on, and now we’re off and friends. I’m not quite sure that constitutes on again.

    And as if I really need to point out, my first year in Second Life was as a female avatar. It wasn’t until my real life friend joined Second Life that I decided that would be a bit uncomfortable for her and decided to become the FireEyes everyone knows today. Since I spent upwards of L$30,000 on female clothing, it only makes sense that I wear that avatar occasionally.

    And I’d prefer to give back the designation of being the Shelter’s own Pat Sajak. I’m quite a bit more talented than that idiot.

  2. Thanks for the update, FE. I have updated the original post to point everyone to your comment.

    With regard to your female self, I’d only ever known you in your male guise…”and now we know…the rest of the story.” 🙂

    I did say “of sorts” as a qualifier to you and the Princess of Purple…

    You are invited to submit a new designation for yourself if you’d prefer, and I’ll update the blogroll accordingly. Never let it be said that Evans Avenue Exit isn’t accomodating!

  3. Patience Xie

    Erbo, do us all a favor and mind your own business for once.

  4. Pati, if you’re going to flame me, you’ll have to do better than that. Over on EMinds in Speaker’s Corner, they hit a lot harder. 🙂

  5. Patience Xie

    That wasn’t a flame, that was me speaking my mind. These people aren’t your friends, they’re people you encounter occasionally when you deign to venture into their hangout. You don’t know any of us very well, other than what we might occasionally say in public or post on our blogs, both public fora that any newcomer might happen across and read. Yet, you sit here and post about us as if we’re bosom buddies. We aren’t. You know nothing about us–as is evident by the fact that you’re gossiping oh so blithely about a “relationship” that, frankly, is none of your concern. We are not your friends.

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