Behind the Scenes: Rolling Those Blogs

I thought I’d include some info here on how the Evans Avenue Exit blogroll, and its Elite Band of Bloggers®©™, is managed, for all two or three of you out there that actually give a damn. 🙂 But first, a little historical perspective.

The concept of the blogroll is almost as old as that of the blog itself. Bloggers include links on their blogrolls for a variety of reasons; just because they want to, or because the’re exchanging links with someone else, or because that’s the list of blogs they themselves read. Some people just starting out will link madly to the various “A-list” bloggers, in hopes that those “A-listers” will link back to them and boost their traffic. One person who bucked the trend was Steven Den Beste, author of the blog USS Clueless (now inactive) and a reluctant “A-lister” himself. He chose to use his blogroll to highlight new or up-and-coming blogs which he felt deserved more attention, and he periodically rotated the links to spread the attention around. Two excellent blogs which benefited thereby were Wretchard’s The Belmont Club and Bill Whittle’s Eject! Eject! Eject!, both of which are still going strong today.

As such, I reserve the right to be slightly quirky with the way I manage my own blogroll. 🙂

First of all, since this is a Second Life blog, for the most part, only Second Life sites are highlighted, though I did make exception for EMinds, for obvious reasons. Some of the other blogs I read on a daily basis would no doubt shock the living hell out of you–but you won’t find them linked here.

Second, we have what might be called the Evans Avenue Exit Blogroll Prime Directive: Only blogs of people I have actually encountered in-world are listed here. (There is one exception which was “grandfathered in” from my very first set of blogroll entries–and even on that one, I can claim a technicality. Not that I wouldn’t love to properly remedy that situation…even if it’s unlikely, due to time zone differences if nothing else.) The frequency of the encounters doesn’t matter; some people on the blogroll I see every single day, while others I run into once in a blue moon at best, and everything in between. (Second Life Insider qualified because of Akela, though I’ve encountered Aimee and Tateru in-world since. World of SL is an “aggregate” blog, and is hence kind of outside the scope of this rule. As for the Grand Unified Linden Blog…well, I’ve certainly encountered at least one Linden in-world. 🙂 )

Third, each entry on the ‘roll gets a “title,” usually related to something about that person’s personality or persona, often my attempt at being funny. (You can see these titles by rolling your mouse over the entries and waiting for the tooltip text to pop up.) One of my early posts detailed the source of the tags for all my initial blogroll entries…and I’ve tried to explain them as I add them.

Fourth, when I add a new name, I’ll post an “intro post” here, welcoming their blog to the Elite Band of Bloggers®©™ that makes up the site’s blogroll. In this post, I’ll post a little of what I know (or what I think I know, at any rate) about the person, just to kind of flesh out the entry a bit and help people see that there’s more to them than just a name on a list.

I don’t prune names, either, unless I see that someone has fallen by the wayside both on their blog and in-world. That’s why Valorna Edgeworth is gone now, for instance; her blog only ever had two entries on it, and her account seems to have vanished. Both conditions were necessary to trigger her removal.

And that’s pretty much about the size of it. With that, I dedicate what has become Official Post #100 to Evans Avenue Exit to those elite bloggers…from Mera Pixel (first to give me a link, even before this blog existed; she linked to the topic on EMinds where I posted about my adventures) to FireEyes Fauna (most recent addition to the blogroll), and everyone in between. Cheers, and word up!

“I get by with a little help from my friends / I get high with a little help from my friends / Gonna try with a little help from my friends.” – The Beatles, “With A Little Help From My Friends,” Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band



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3 responses to “Behind the Scenes: Rolling Those Blogs

  1. You’ve got to be a little selective. I mean, I read 99 SL-related blogs and feeds every day. If I listed all of those on my blogroll, it’d be just plain useless to people.

  2. This is true…you’d wind up with something like the blogroll on Glenn Reynolds’ site, which is comprehensive, but hard to find much of anything in.

    The blogroll here now stands at 32 entries. If it gets much larger, I may have to revise my policy of removing names. Alternatively, I could categorize some of the links, which is fairly easy to do with WordPress; for example, I could group all the Shelter bloggers under one category.

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