Mama, If That’s Movin’ Up, Then I’m Movin’ Out

Our landlord at South Sunset, Doeko Cassidy, started getting shirty with us about the Gin Rummy, especially since our new contest boards were given to a lot of shouting. We tried to mitigate the situation, but Danielle rather thought it was time for a move anyway. So we went on the hunt for commercial properties where the GR could be placed.

That’s when Danielle ran into DaRealNeo Crossing, a real FIC type who’s been in-world for 4 years and who manages casinos, which include some of the best-designed casino games in Second Life (not available for sale, but far higher in quality than games you might spend hundreds of thousands of L$ on). After he convinced her that he was on the level and could help us–and the two of them convinced me–we had a new home for the Gin Rummy, on the southwest corner of Club Fairplay sim.

We’ll be paying about a quarter sim’s worth of tier, for which we get the location for the club, including a great building, and enough prims to outfit it pretty much any way we want. The vendors from Don’t Panic! Designs can go in nearby, too, or in other locations in SL. And we get some added goodies, including fancy casino and gambling games and a dance floor that is to die for. (Neo brings in new gizmos all the time, often in the middle of our events. This guy’s like Santa Claus.)

One thing about the new arrangement…there are no land bounaries on the sim, because Neo wants to drive up the whole sim’s traffic figure this way. This means, among other things, when we have live DJs working the club, they get widebanded to the entire sim. (Chelle, when she heard about this, said “WHAT???” 😀 ) But it’ll help draw traffic to our corner while an event is running, which is a Good Thing.

Do come out to the club and check it out for yourself; you’ll have to see it to believe it. Tomorrow night Danielle begins a tradition of “Friday Night Formals,” and, Saturday night, “CoolJ’s 70’s Disco Party,” featurning the DJing talents of Yours Truly, rocks the house.



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2 responses to “Mama, If That’s Movin’ Up, Then I’m Movin’ Out

  1. Insider

    That Criminal DaRealNeo Crossing steal anything from you like he has many other Second Life residents? He can play nice for a very long time before he robs you …

  2. That’s a very damning accusation, Insider. Do you have any hard evidence to back this up?

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