My People Will Call Your People, We’ll Do Lunch

Did I think I was going to be any less busy after we moved the Gin Rummy to Club Fairplay sim? I was sorely mistaken. 🙂

For one thing, our usual event schedule continues unabated. This means I’m often looking over the Event Calendar on the intranet site, editing event descriptions and assigning personnel, and posting the completed event descriptions to the SL Events calendar. If I have to DJ, I also have to make sure I get my “base” playlist set up in advance; though it’s subject to modification at event time by people sending me requests, I have to start with something. In the case of specialized events, like tonight’s 50’s event, I have to immerse myself in a specific music genre…I actually had to do research for this event, finding appropriate songs I could play. I hope the crowd appreciates it.

Not only that, I find I’m doing an increasing amount of interaction with other club owners. Often times, this will be Zues Burali, one of the owners of Velvet Dreamz (formerly “The Cutlass Club”). Let me just say that I’m Godalmighty impressed with how far he’s come; he started out working for us as a pole dancer, and now he and his “Lil’ Sissy” ZoeyStar Rankin (another former dancer) run the joint, and have successfully negotiated a number of obstacles and built the club into something far more than it ever was under my management. He also now works under DaRealNeo Crossing’s banner, and has Velvet Dreamz set up on land Neo owns in Osterhout (right next to Mera Pixel & Company and the Mera Art gallery!). Where I’ve helped him out has primarily been in scripting and scripted objects; I gave him a copy of my Distributed Music Changer Mk.I (the same one I have set up at the Gin Rummy, and that we use at the family compound), and adapted my Application Kiosk 3.0 for his use. But Danielle and I have also joined him and his partner Sonoma for things like a friendly game of Texas Hold’Em.

In addition, Chelle Moore, our top-drawing guest DJ, has now found herself the sole owner of her own club, the Black Diamond, after her business partner decided to step down and she successfully bought him out. I’ve been acting in a bit of an advisory capacity for her, and I may help her get set up with the same kind of intranet deal we use for the GR. (The idea isn’t original with us; Danielle first saw the specific software we use, Joomla, being used for that purpose at Soulmates. We adapted the idea and extended it in a few useful ways.)

Danielle, of course, has a lot of things she needs my help on…such as her house-building projects, finding new furniture and fixtures for the club (or the house), or just bouncing from point to point on the Grid, exploring hither and yon. And, when I’m not doing that, I have scripting projects of my own I continue to hack on, as well as appearances I like to put in. I try to make it for the Sunday Building Shelter games; yesterday, I even competed in a couple of rounds. Didn’t win anything though…

You know, even if I wanted to depart Second Life, at this point, I don’t think I’d be allowed to. 😀

“Work is not an end in itself; there must always be time enough for love.” – Captain Aaron Sheffield, nee Woodrow W. Smith, sometimes known as Lazarus Long et al., Time Enough For Love, Robert A. Heinlein


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  1. Busy is not the word for it Erbo, but it is close enough. You could be on my end on the phone and grid with Neo until the wee hours of the morning. 🙂

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