Puttin’ On The Ritz

If you’ve never shopped at Blaze, you need to. The store has been recently expanded to a new sim (Glory, docked just to the east of Triumph) and oozes “high class” from every prim. But both Danielle and I have known about Blaze for a long time; my most recent “Default Erbo” outfits are built around Blaze casual slacks and polo shirts, and I’m also quite fond of the Ultimate Wool Suits with flexiprim ties, as well as their tuxedoes. As for Danielle…her inventory contains many Blaze formal gowns and casual outfits.

While we were checking out the new store, I panned my camera atop the roof, and spotted Blaze Columbia herself. Naturally, Danielle wanted to fly up there and say hello. I let her go first, then, eventually, came up and joined her. And Blaze has a blog…so she is now eligible for addition to the Elite Group of Bloggers making up the Evans Avenue Exit blogroll.

One of the things that makes her successful, it would appear, is that she also works in the fashion industry in real life. Her clothes aren’t exactly cheap, but you pay for quality, in SL as much as in RL…and it’s a price that Danielle and I are often willing to pay. And, when you see some of her clothes, you will, too. Small wonder Blaze’s link title here is “Designer of Much of Erbo’s and Danielle’s Wardrobes.”



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2 responses to “Puttin’ On The Ritz

  1. Blaze Columbia is a man IRL and his avatar is primarily male as well. He sometimes wears a female form when testing designs, and also often pops onto his wife’s SL account and uses her avatar as well. He’s an excellent designer and a charming person as well, and VERY supportive of the Shelter.

  2. OK…I didn’t know that either. We met Blaze in female avatar guise, and Danielle seemed to think that Blaze was mainly female in SL. Doesn’t change the fact that his clothes are topnotch, and he’s gotten plenty of L$ from both of us…

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