Jacek Has Moved…And So Has The GR

Ms. Jacek Antonelli has been given an opportunity to align her blog with the Axis of Purple, and is now being hosted under the meratalk.com banner. I will completely understand if, at this juncture, Mera starts singing, “Purpurrot, purpurrot, über alles, über alles in der Welt…” 🙂 But Jacek is no stranger to passion, which is the essence of purple, as I’ve pointed out. So it’s all good.

Of course, we at the Gin Rummy are no strangers to change…witness the fact that we are now based at a new location in the newly-opened Joie sim, which is on a Class 5 server. Those of you who were reading here about a month ago are probably now staring in disbelief at this post. “But Erbo,” you protest, “didn’t you get such a great deal when you moved to Club Fairplay? Why move again just a month later?”

Well, things change, and we feel like we’re a little more in control of our own destiny this way, not to mention being free of the lag and other weird behavior on Club Fairplay. And we got our pick of spots for the new location, as we were the first to rent a parcel on the Joie sim. (Naturally, I’m trying to make sure we’re good tenants. Our contest boards are set to “say” their messages rather than “shout” them, for instance…and thank you, Nicholas Decatur, for adding that feature to your contest boards! I also carefully sculpted a “coastline” into our parcel, to make it look more natural and so that Danielle could put in some “waves.”)

People interested in a plot for their business or residence would be well advised to talk to Steve Mahfouz, owner of the Joie sim; you can get good land on a high-quality sim for reasonable prices and terms. Come visit the GR if you’d like to check out the vicinity; either use the SLURL I provided above, or, if you happen to be near a Stargate on the Cleary Stargate Network, simply “dd:Joie” to get here. (The direct dial address is 20:25:21:05:03:18:22.) And, if you’re setting up a business on Joie, shoot me an IM; I’ll put up an ad for your business in the GR to help promote you. Let’s help Steve make the new sim a roaring success!



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4 responses to “Jacek Has Moved…And So Has The GR

  1. I just moved Sanctuary: Second Life (new name) over to a new Class 5 server as well. Nice to not be lagged. 🙂

  2. Soon you will have to rename to the Gypsy Gin Rummy 🙂

  3. Don’t forget to invite me to the obligatory Grand reopening, reopening party!

  4. Shockwave: All the moving around, at least, is consistent with the idea of a speakeasy, being an underground business…think, also, of Nathan Detroit’s “oldest established permanent floating crap game in New York” from Guys and Dolls.

    Dixie: A little late for that, seeing as how we reopened 2 days ago…but you’re not too late for “Dani’s Birthday Bash,” which will be on Monday the 19th at 8 PM. (It’s on the SL Event Calendar, too…)

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