Not-A-Meme Challenge #17: LIST “GROUPS”, 8, 1

Hey, some of the crowd that I occasionally run around with keeps posting these little challenges for the SL blogging set. I haven’t had the time to answer any of them up until now, but this one is pretty easy, and I happen to have a few spare moments, so lemme pull up the ol’ Group List and see what we got.

Black Diamond Staff

This is because I DJ for Black Diamond, which is Chelle Moore’s club, on occasion. We also have the Don’t Panic! Designs vendors in her mall section (and we really need to shift them, or copy them, to Wilder Mall). Chelle and her hubby (and RL boyfriend) Jazz Asylum are great people, and Chelle is a big professional inspiration to me.

Blaze* Alarm Update Group!

Blaze Columbia is one of the greatest designers to ever walk the Grid. When I’m not on duty at a club, and hence costumed to fit the event, I’m usually wearing Blaze, whether it be the casual golf shirts and slacks, the Ultimate Wool Suit with flexi tie, or the new double-breasted Power Suit (my current favorite).

Bogart Land Management

This is the venture that oversees both The Gin Rummy and Wilder Mall. I am officially listed as CFO of the organization; my office cubicle nameplate (in the private BLM offices atop Tower One of the Wilder Mall complex) says “Chief Financial Officer – Chief Information Officer – Generally In Charge Of A Lot Of Things.” Of course, Danielle’s nameplate says she’s “Head Bitch In Charge.” Not only that, it gives her name as “Danielle ‘The Grid Is Mine’ Ferguson-Wilder.” 🙂 Through this organization, Danielle, Lynx, and I are working towards total Grid domination…

Club Incircle

Another club I have DJ’d for in the past. Spart Cowen, Chiliphallus Rojyo, and somebunny Cheetah have done great things with this place; check ’em out.

Desire Gentlemen’s Club

Danielle and LiLu both dance here, and Danielle also DJs for them. In addition, some of the other dancers there were in Danielle’s wedding. Bane Darrow, the club owner, only hires female DJs, so no hope for me there…oh well.

DJ Aryanna’s Rawkin Groupies & Fans

Aryanna Draken also DJs for Club Incircle and some other clubs. She’s good.

DJ Chelle’s Fans & Friends

Chelle’s fan club group.

DJ CoolJ’s Groupies and Friends

My very own groupies group! 🙂 Most of the folks in it have the “DJ CoolJ Groupie!” title, but a select few are “CoolJ’s Biatch.” If I ever add anyone to the “Girlfriend” role in that group, their title will say, “I’m With The DJ, OK?”

DJ Dani2.0 Fans And Friends

You begin to see a pattern here. 🙂 This one is Danielle’s fan group, in which I am part of the “Dani2.0 Crash Crew.”

Don’t Panic! Design Innovations

Another aspect of the BLM businesses, which Danielle and I use to sell stuff.

Emmy’s Sanctuary

LiLu Flanagan’s charity group. Charter: “A group dedicated to raising funds to help prevent animal abuse and to save pets…one pet at a time.” I did some animal-sponsorship kiosks (a variant of the standard tip jar script) for her.

Fantasyland Estate

The location of the Evans Family Compound. I can definitely recommend doing biz with Sirux Mahoney and the Fantasyland crew; they’re honest, friendly, and they run a tight ship.

Live Music Enthusiasts

Whenever there’s a live music show in SL, you’ll often find it announced via this group. And whenever we have a live act playing at the Gin Rummy, I’ll usually be the one doing the announcing.

New Roma

This group is the master ownership group for the Evans Family Compound property. It’s called this because, when Danielle and I first set it up, the first house we built together was a replica of a Roman villa. I still have that house somewhere in my inventory…


Nicole Cooke, who used to work at Black Diamond, shanghaied me into this group, though she had help from Danielle, Chelle, and others. Charter: “For all the SL PITA’s!” (The name, of course, is an abbreviation for “pain in the ass.”)

Science Fiction Rangers

This is nearly the first group I joined in SL, and I ain’t leaving. Charter: “Science Fiction Rangers is for SL fans who still believe in a sense of wonder, and want to share it. Like SF, Fantasy? Familiar with the works of Miller & Lee, Norton, McCaffrey. Weber? Come Explore With Us.” Commander Shawna Montgomery has been in charge of this group since its inception, and still runs it very well.

SL Live Event Friends

Another group for live music events; this one isn’t as heavily trafficked at the Live Music Enthusiasts one.

The Gin Rummy Employees

Naturally, I not only am a member of this one, I have the coveted “GR Owner” tag. We’re still going strong in our Joie location, doing our events every night except Wednesday, and drawing decent crowds, usually.

The Gin Rummy VIP Club

If you’re a visitor to the GR, don’t be surprised if I hit you with this tag (which is “GR High Roller” for most folks). I announce the events as Group Notices in this group, and usually cross-announce to either the Dani2.0 or CoolJ groups if one of us happens to be DJing.


Another one I don’t plan on getting rid of any time soon. The Shelter was my guiding light during my first weeks in SL, and I’ve never forgotten the good start they gave me. Heck, I met some of my best friends, like Valorna (now LiLu) and Danielle, there.

~~Soulmates Employee~~

Another club I DJ at on occasion. Eye Dangle and Vvu Luan have a great setup here, with a kissing grotto, a wedding chapel, and a luxuriously-sized mall. They’re a very friendly outfit; they’re worth your time to check out.

And, OK, I dropped the group for “Lynx & Danielle’s Wedding” while I was composing this list. That event’s already in the past, and Danielle herself said, “Go ahead and drop that group! I did!” 🙂


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